AF Form 330 – Records Transmittal/Request

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 330 – Records Transmittal/Request – You’ve likely heard of AF Form 330, but do you know where to get a copy of this document? What’s its purpose, and where can you find it? These questions may help you decide where to send your records request. Hopefully, this article answers your questions. After all, this document is used by the Air Force to transmit/request records. Here are a few tips and tricks for locating your copy of this document.

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Form Number AF330
Published 01 Jan 1990
Prescribing Pub AFI36-2608
File Size 41.35 KB

What is an Air Force Form 330 ?

When you want to transfer your Air Force records and documents, you must submit an AF Form 330. However, this is not the same as requesting copies of your records from NPRC. You cannot ship original Air Force records to different air bases in the United States. Instead, you must go through the appropriate channels and request the original documents from the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC).

In the case of Major Besteder, he filed AF 330s and AF 948s for himself and two sergeants. However, in one of these cases, the appellant initialed a note stating that his cases were taking longer than usual. The MPC was not notified of this fact until Monday morning, so the appellant had to file his appeal himself. The Air Force Form 330, however, is a standard document that every military officer must file for all of his personnel.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 330 ?

AF Form 330 is a document used by the Air Force to transfer and move Air Force records and documents. You cannot use this form to request your records from the NPRC. Original records of Air Force members should be transferred only to Air Force personnel centers or to the respective AFSPC. Do not send the records to air force bases across the country. Instead, you should go to the nearest AFPC for transfer.

AF Form 330 – Records Transmittal/Request

AF Form 330 is used to transfer Air Force records and documents. This document is NOT intended to request records from the NPRC. Original Air Force records should only be transferred to the appropriate Air Force Personnel Centers and should not be shipped to various air force bases throughout the country. The NPRC has specific rules for handling records transmittal requests. You must first select an appropriate legal specialist and schedule a private meeting. Once you have selected a legal specialist, you can create a document in US Legal Forms by editing the templates and printing them.

AF Form 330 Example

AF Form 330

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