DAF Form 910 – Enlisted Performance Report (AB Thru TSGT)

AFFORM.NET – DAF Form 910 – Enlisted Performance Report (AB Thru TSGT) – DAF Form 910 is a document used by the United States Air Force to record the performance of enlisted members. This document is part of an enlisted performance report, an annual evaluation of the performance of an enlisted member. The first section of AF Form 910 identifies the evaluated member. It should include their social security number, rank, organization, and PAS information. The next sections of the form detail the enlisted member’s duties and achievements.

Download DAF Form 910 – Enlisted Performance Report (AB Thru TSGT)

Form Number DAF910
Published 16-Mar-22
Prescribing Pub DAFI36-2406
File Size 73.11 KB

What is DAF Form 910?

DAF Form 910 is a document used to evaluate the performance of enlisted members in the Air Force. It is submitted annually by all enlisted personnel to their superior officers. The first section of the form identifies the enlisted member and lists his/her basic information. You must include his/her social security number, rank, organization, PAS code, and date of birth. You must complete boxes 1 through 6 to indicate the enlisted member’s name and contact information.

The next section of DAF Form 910 asks the enlistee to describe his/her job and key responsibilities. You must enter the date of the last performance feedback in DD MMM YYYY format, and if it is not a previous job, the reason for not providing feedback is also included. Once you’ve completed the form, be sure to digitally sign it. The AFI 36-2406, interim change 3 of the form provides guidance on how to complete this form correctly.

Where Can I Find An Up-To-Date DAF Form 910?

AF Form 910 is a mandatory document used by the air force. This form is used for all enlisted personnel from basic training all the way to technical sergeant and is filled out for official purposes. It includes important information about the enlistee, including enlistment date, grade, DAFSC, organization command, and PAS (period of service).

When filling out DAF Form 910, you will be asked to provide your first and last name, as well as a middle initial and a suffix. It is also important to fill in the full SSN, as well as the PAS code of the home station. In addition, you will need to enter SRID (senior rater identification number), if applicable.

DAF Form 910 may be found above this post, and it is currently up-to-date.

How To Open And Print DAF Form 910 On Your Computer

The process for completing this form is similar to that of a PDF. You can choose to fill it out online or download it to your computer. To open and print DAF Form 910, you will need Adobe Reader. This software is recommended over web browsers because it organizes forms by type, and you can enter numbers and keywords to find specific information. Afterward, you can print the form for your records.

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