AF Form 428 – Request For Premium Pay

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 428 – Request For Premium Pay – This article will answer the questions, What is an AF Form 428? Where can I find an AF Form 428?, How to fill out an AF Form 428?, and where to submit it. The following tips will help you fill out your AF Form 428 properly and efficiently. Once you have completed the form, you must submit it along with your timecard to your supervisor for approval. When you have submitted it, be sure to charge all absences as leave time.

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Form Number AF428
Published 13 Mar 2019
Prescribing Pub DODI1400.25V550_DAFI36-808
File Size 692.11 KB

What is an Air Force Form 428 ?

You have probably heard the term AF Form 428 and may have wondered what it is. A short answer to this question is “Time Off In Lieu of Overtime Pay”. Generally, it means that you have worked over eight hours a day during your workweek or 40 hours in an administrative workweek. To be eligible for overtime pay, you must have completed a form requesting compensation for the time worked. If you were recently assigned to a new tour of duty, however, you may not use any accumulated annual leave until 90 days have passed.

To fill out an Air Force form, you will need to complete the entire application, including a statement of duty status and a request for leave. A form requesting leave must be completed in a certain time period, ranging from six to a few weeks. Having all of the required information is essential, so you will want to complete your form as soon as possible. To make the process easier, USLegal has a powerful cloud editor and an extensive library of templates. This service also meets strict security standards, so your data will remain secure.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 428 ?

When requesting overtime, holiday premium pay, or compensatory time, you’ll want to fill out an AF Form 428. It tracks your time for payroll. The newest version of the AF Form 428 was released on March 13, 2019. Previous versions are now obsolete. You can download a fillable version below. The Air Force e-publishing website has the form as well. However, you may need to request a hard copy from your supervisor to get it.

An AF Form 428 template helps you streamline the process of creating a completed document. SignNow’s web-based DDD simplifies the workflow and optimizes the process of proficient document management. Once you’ve downloaded a template, signers enter their official identification, contact information, and check marks. SignNow’s editor makes it easy to create and edit documents. You can then send your completed forms to the appropriate government agencies for submission.

AF Form 428 – Request For Premium Pay

AF Form 428 – Request For Extra Premium Pay is a required document to be submitted to the Air Force by a military member. Overtime claims are based on the number of hours a military member works beyond the scheduled hours of his or her job. In this article, we will discuss what the form entails. This form should be filled out correctly and accurately by a military member.

AF Form 428 is a request for compensatory time in lieu of overtime pay. If the job demands overtime, the employee should be aware that compensatory time is not a standard benefit. An AUO can be either a one-time or a periodic payment. It is calculated on the employee’s Basic Pay and includes an interim geographic adjustment and a special pay adjustment. The amount of the Premium Pay is between ten and twenty-five percent of the employee’s Basic Pay.

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AF Form 428

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