AF Form 55 – Employee Safety and Health Record

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 55 – Employee Safety and Health Record – When completing an AF Form 55, the supervising authority of the work place must fill in the first section. This information must include the individual’s name, social security number, organization, work place identification, and official title. Box 6 must be filled with the types of hazards the employee is likely to face in their work. Box 7 should contain the results of health examinations the individual has received at work. It is important to complete section one accurately, as this can affect the outcome of a workplace inspection.

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Form Number AF55
Published 10 Jul 2013
Prescribing Pub AFI91-202
File Size 48.95 KB

What is an Air Force Form 55

If you are working for the United States Air Force, you must be familiar with the document known as the AF Form 55. This form serves as a record of all health and safety training that your employees have received. The form must be completed and kept in the workplace, and you need to update it as necessary. Previously, the AF Form 55 was available online through the USAF documentation web site. Now, you must obtain the form through your chain of command.

You can find this form by searching for it online, or requesting a copy through the chain of command. Air Force Form 55s are particularly important if you work with dangerous materials. The document lists any accidents that may happen while on the job. In addition to the injuries and fatalities, it records information about a person’s health and safety. In addition, you’ll find a list of health risks in the document, and information about the company’s safety procedures.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 55

In the Air Force, you are required to fill out the AF Form 55. These documents are a legal document used by the air force to track disciplinary cases. These are submitted to the supervisor in the work place, and the person who is supervising you should fill in your social security number, organization name, work place identification, and official title. The AF Form 55 also requires you to list occupational hazards you have been exposed to, as well as any health examinations you have undergone.

Air Force (AF) 55 flies from Washington Dulles Intl to Charles de Gaulle/Roissy. The AF Form 55 is part of Regulations 52(3) and 60(2). It requires a supervisor to keep this document in the work place to ensure that you comply with all rules. The supervisor must sign the AF Form 55, which is a required part of the work place for construction projects that last for more than 30 days or 500 person days.

AF Form 55 – Employee Safety and Health Record

AF Form 55 is the legal document used in Air Force work centers to document employee training in safety. It also records incidents of class B mishaps, which involve damage between $500k and $2 million and result in the death or permanent partial disability of a crew member. Class A mishaps are more serious and may cause permanent physical or mental disability or even destruction of aircraft. The new AF Form 55 can be attached to the old one. But it must be kept up to date as mandated.

AF Form 55 is completed by the supervising authority in the work place. The supervising officer fills in the individual’s name, social security number, organization, work place identification and official title. The supervising officer must also list occupational hazards, their likelihood of occurrence, and any health examinations the employee has undergone. If necessary, he must document the date of initial training and any refresher training.

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