AF Form 77 – Letter Of Evaluation

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 77 – Letter Of Evaluation – If you’ve ever wondered “What is an Air Force Form 77” and wondered what it’s for, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn the basics of the AF Form 77 and its purpose. After reading this article, you’ll be ready to fill it out when your rating official asks you to complete one. AF Form 77 – Letter of Evaluation: What is it and why is it required?

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Form Number AF77
Published 12 Feb 2009
Prescribing Pub DAFI36-2406
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What is an Air Force Form 77

If you’ve ever had a TDY, you know what AF Form 77 is: a document that allows a current supervisor to record important details about your performance. It is an optional form, so many people don’t receive one. Some people simply don’t think they need to complete it, and others don’t realize how important it is for the overall performance of a troop. Thankfully, the form is widely available online, so you can use it in a few easy steps.

Aside from being used in evaluations, the AF Form 77 can also be used as an additional document, particularly when it comes to a request for comments. If a previous evaluator didn’t give the evaluator the space they need to do their job, the Rater can use the AF Form 77 to include their comments. The form should be signed with a wet signature and scanned in PDF format. After it has been submitted, the evaluator must send the form electronically along with the evaluation.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 77

The AF Form 77 is used to document a troop’s performance when on TDY. This form is usually completed by the current supervisor and can be used to capture supplemental information about a troop’s performance. This form is optional and many troops do not complete it because they feel that it is irrelevant or not applicable to them. Those who are responsible for maintenance of a workcenter or unit will most likely not use this form.

AF Form 77 is used for evaluations of active duty personnel and members of the Reserve. The purpose of this form is to record the information about a person’s service, training, and education. In addition, the EAD is used to collect information about the unit or component a person is in. The EAD must be signed by an authorized person, including a supervisor or other officer.

AF Form 77 – Letter Of Evaluation

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A letter of evaluation (LOE) is a document used by the current supervisor to record the ratee’s accomplishments during a period of less than 120 days. It is not required for every rater to use it, so the rater may decide to skip it if the Airman has been under his/her supervision for more than 120 days. However, the new rater will use the information captured on the LOE to determine whether the airman meets the performance expectations. The outgoing supervisor must ensure that the LOE is completed before the servicemember changes reporting officials permanently or changes station. It should also be hand-carried to the new reporting official.

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