AF Form 911 – Enlisted Performance Report (MSGT THRU SMSGT)

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Download AF Form 911 – Enlisted Performance Report (MSGT THRU SMSGT)

Form Number AF911
Published 31 Jul 2015
Prescribing Pub DAFI36-2406
File Size 78.98 KB

What is an Air Force Form 911 ?

The Air Force Form 911 is a government-issued document used to evaluate an individual’s performance. This document must be signed by a senior officer (O-6 or higher) and a commander from the rating chain. The commander must review the form and sign it two times. A final endorser must be the senior full-time officer and a major. These individuals must also sign the report. A senior officer can either be a GS-12 officer or a GO.

The Air Force has released a new form for enlisted performance evaluations. The form provides eight lines of text on which the rater can evaluate the airman’s performance in terms of team-building, mentorship, communication, and other skills. A rating is given to the airman, and the performance can be classified as exceeding most or all expectations, or meeting some, but not all. If the rater is a supervisor, the rating can be based on the performance of all airmen in the unit.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 911 ?

When filling out an AF Form 911, a rating officer must enter the last four digits of the SSN and the grade or duty title. The rating officer must also add an additional duty title if applicable. The rater must sign the form twice, once as the evaluator and once as the final endorser. The rater must have a reason for signing the form, which is typically a review of duty performance.

The commander in the rating chain must complete the “commander’s review” section and sign it twice. He or she can influence whether the rating is inflated and provide information to the evaluator for the final report. The rating officer must be an MSgt or TSgt grade to close the form. In addition, the commander must sign the form. There are two types of ratings on an AF Form 911: the senior rater’s endorsement.

AF Form 911 – Enlisted Performance Report (MSGT THRU SMSGT)

The AF Form 911 – Enlisted Performance report is a document that must be filled out by a member of the enlisted ranks to report his/her performance. It must be completed by both the evaluator and the commander of the rating chain. If a ratee is given a ‘Concur’ rating, this person must be either a major or GS-12/Supervisory Pay Band 2. In addition, the final endorser must be a full-time officer in a commissioned or noncommissioned rank.

The AF Form 911 is not a comprehensive report. It includes eight lines of text for the rater to assess the performance of an airman. The rater may evaluate team building, mentorship, communication skills, and other characteristics of the airman. He can also give the rating of meeting or exceeding most expectations. In this section, he or she may indicate whether the airman’s performance was above expectations, or if he/she met them, but failed to meet the standards.

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