AF Form 102 – Inspector General Complaint Form

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 102 – Inspector General Complaint Form – If you have ever had to fill out an AF Form 102, you may be wondering: What is an Air Force Form 102 and why is it necessary? In this article, we will explain the meaning of this document and how to fill it out correctly. This document is used by the Inspector General of the Air Force to record complaints and investigate misconduct. Here are some tips to help you complete the form in a timely manner. You may also find it helpful to read the information about this form on the Air Force’s official website.

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Form Number AF102
Published 19 Dec 2018
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What is an Air Force Form 102?

What is Air Force Form 102? A simple form that is used by airmen to report fraud or injustices within the air force, it is also filled out by inspector general staff after receiving a complaint. It is used to file a personal complaint, a claim of injustice or fraud, or a complaint about an alleged incident of misconduct. It is furnished to the airman’s supervisor and outlines the alleged misconduct or injustice.

The Inspector General (IG) is responsible for investigating complaints filed by Air Force personnel and civilian employees. The IG investigates complaints regarding inappropriate conduct, alleged violations of law, policy, procedure, or regulation, or any other illegal activity. A complaint must be submitted to the inspector general’s office by a service member, civilian employee, or retiree, and must include factual details about the violation. The Air Force considers any statement submitted through these channels as an official statement.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 102?

When an airman experiences fraud in his workplace, he must file a specialized form called the AF Form 102. This form is completed by the airman or staff member of the inspector general when they receive a complaint. It is a detailed description of the fraud that the airman alleges has occurred. It is then forwarded to the airman’s supervisor. The form will contain a detailed description of the alleged fraud and the circumstances surrounding the alleged fraud.

The IG is empowered to investigate complaints that allege inappropriate conduct, violations of policy, procedure, or regulation. The complaint should contain general allegations, along with narrative detail and supporting documents. The allegations should be written as bullet points and include the following details: who committed the violation, what law was broken, and when. If there is any background information, it should also be included. The IG will review your complaint and decide whether it merits an investigation.

AF Form 102 – Inspector General Complaint Form

Filing an AF Form 102 – Inspector General (IG) complaint is a good idea if you think a violation has occurred. The IG will review the complaint to see if the facts are consistent with the allegations in the complaint. In order to make the complaint successful, it must contain specific details and be written in bullet points, including who violated the law, when it happened, and what the repercussions were.

The AF Form 102 – Inspector General (IG) complaint form is used in the U.S. Air Force for many purposes. It is usually filled out by an airman who has suffered some type of fraud or injustice or has suspicions of fraud. It is then filed and furnished to a supervisor for review. The form contains a detailed description of the allegations. The IG may decide to investigate the complaint and take further action based on the information provided.

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