AF Form 133 – Oath Of Office (Military Personnel)

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 133 – Oath Of Office (Military Personnel) – The oath of office for military personnel requires a completed AF Form 133, but you might be wondering where to find one. To answer your question, read on! The following information will provide you with helpful tips. The Air Force provides a typewriter, black ink, and a copy of the oath of office. To complete the oath, you must be at least eighteen years old.

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Form Number AF133
Published 03 Sep 2013
Prescribing Pub AFMAN36-2032
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What is an Air Force Form 133 ?

The form is a requirement for certain personnel to obtain a security clearance. The Secretary of the Air Force has delegated this authority to 497 IG/INS. A Special Investigative Inquiry is conducted to verify or disprove allegations regarding a security clearance holder. Subversion of Air Force Personnel is a crime against discipline, loyalty, or morale. It is a felony in the United States and has been a recurring theme in the United States Air Force.

All enlisted members of the Air Force must complete an ENTNAC (Entrance National Application and Clearance) as a condition of entry. ENTNACs are completed at military entrance processing stations located throughout the United States. They serve as the basis for the individual’s eligibility for Secret clearance. In the Air Force, this form is required at the time of initial entry, and must be completed as soon as an individual enlists.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 133 ?

The AF form 133 is an oath of office required for military personnel. The Department of the Air Force has a copy of it for one library branch. Generally, the Af imt 133 is part of the Af imt 332/9110101, a tendering appointment that is routed through the appropriate functional chain of command. In addition to the form 133, there are several other AF imts such as the Af imt 100, which is used for separation requests.

Before you can file an AF form 133, you should have the required documentation ready. You can do this by consulting with an expert or attending a private meeting. If you’re unable to find a lawyer, US Legal Forms offers online pre-constructed templates that you can customize and print. You can also add an e-signature if necessary. Once you’re done, you can download and print the completed document.

AF Form 133 – Oath Of Office Military Personnel

Before you submit AF Form 133 – Oasis of Office to a government agency, make sure it is relevant to your situation. The form must be current, because officials cannot accept outdated documents. Be sure to fill out all the necessary information, including the required areas, attachments, and supplementary forms. You can also file all your records in one document bundle to avoid misunderstandings. If you plan to submit your documents online, it is advisable to consider the security of your personal data.

The oath of office is required by the U.S. Code, and ODCSPER is the proponent agency of this oath. The process of taking the oath of office is subject to several government regulations. These regulations include the Annual Fiscal Year Accession Circular (AFYAC) and USACC regulations. The Oath of Office for military personnel is part of the Army National Guard Master File.

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AF Form 133

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