AF IMT Form 86 – Request For Cataloging Data/Action

AFFORM.NET – AF IMT Form 86 – Request For Cataloging Data/Action – An AF IMT Form 86 is used to request cataloging data and action from the Air Force. There are several different types of AF IMT Forms, and completing one is essential to the successful completion of your Field Training. Here are some of the most important aspects of completing a cadet form. Make sure that the courses you completed match the courses on your transcript. All academic terms must be listed on the form, including PNA, cooperative programs, and terms abroad. When you do make changes to your academic history or your institution, you must fill out a new Form 48. Make sure to put your cadet name at the top of each page.

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Form Number AF86
Published 01 Jun 1996
Prescribing Pub AFI23-101
File Size 47.97 KB

What is an Air Force IMT Form 86?

What is Air Force IMT Form 86, and how does it work? This form is used by military and civilian personnel to request security clearances. When filling out the form, the lead-in should be REQUEST INTERIM. When filling out the form, military personnel should select TOP SECRET SECURITY CLEARANCE ELIGIBILITY. Civilian personnel should select SECRET SECURITY CLEARANCE ELIGIBILITY. If you are applying for security clearances, however, you must indicate your grade, unless it is an emergency waiver.

This form is used to report security clearance statuses. It also acts as an electronic form of documentation for certain types of employment. The Air Force uses the Automated Security Clearance Approval System (ASCAS), which transmits and records information on the eligibility and investigation status of security clearances. The BLMPS and AFPC both transmit automated personnel data for military and civilian employees. To get the form, you must visit the Air Force IMT website.

Where Can I Find an AF Form IMT 86?

Where can I find an AF IMT form 86? This is a form that is used for security clearances and is often required for access to restricted areas. This form will also be used for security termination statements, as well as for special access certificate requests. Usually, the SF Form 86 will be filled out by the unit of assignment and must be explained in Section VII. If a person does not have a middle name, they should enter “NUN” or “IOU”. For female personnel, they should enter their maiden names. The sponsoring activity unit designation should also be entered. The grade should not be changed once the form is filed.

The ENTNAC is a legal firm that is required for all enlisted members of the Air Force upon initial entry. These forms are submitted by military entrance processing stations located around the United States. Enlisted personnel who are eligible for Secret clearances must complete the ENTNAC. If an individual does not receive this form, they will not be eligible for the security clearance. If you want to obtain an AF IMT Form 86, check out the Air Force’s website.

AF IMT Form 86 Example

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