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AFFORM.NET – AF Form 1942 – Clinic Index – Are you wondering what an Air Force Form 1942 is? Where can I find an AF Form 1942? If you are unsure of what this document is, read the article below to learn more about this important form. Then, we’ll discuss some of its most important uses, such as the Clinic Index. This form is also used as a record of precious metals accounting. It is typically used when a patient is on TDY status or is an inpatient.

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Form Number AF1942
Form Title Clinic Index
Published 01 Jul 1975
Prescribing Pub
File Size 29.67 KB

What is an Air Force Form 1942?

If you’re wondering what an Air Force Form 1942 is, the answer to this question is complicated. These documents were created by the Assistant Chief of the Air Staff. During World War II, the thirteenth and fourteenth Army Air Forces, the 20th and 21st Bomber Command, and the U.S. Army Air Forces Pacific Ocean Areas also created these records. All of these documents have a catalog reference, AIR 27/3575/38.

The records in the G-2 (Intelligence) series contain general correspondence, escorting orders, reports, and military intelligence issuances. In addition, they also contain photographs. Depending on where you find the records, you can search for them using keywords. In general, however, most records aren’t searchable online. However, you can view them in person or order copies of documents if you want. Some documents are also available for download.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 1942?

The U.S. Air Force Form 1942 is an application for the filing of wartime reports, including enlistment, discharge, and medical records. It was released July 1, 1975, and is used nationwide. The form is not a specialized form; it can be completed online through a filing application or downloaded as a fillable form. If you’d like to find an AF Form 1942, the best place to start is the Air Force website.

The Air Corps Library maintains these records and many more, including AF Forms. You can also access records on Aircraft Warning Service and Ground Safety. You can also find information on radio equipment and issuances in the Radio Equipment and Systems Files. The Air Corps Library also has records from Allied forces and the Soviet Union. These records provide valuable insight into the history of the United States Air Force. These records are essential for research and history projects.

AF Form 1942 – Clinic Index

The U.S. Air Force Form 1942 is a chart showing the period of clinic observation for 24 children. Each bar represents one child admitted at birth or during the calendar year. Since the number of children admitted to a clinic does not change very frequently, the chart implies an even flow of admissions. The checked portion of the bar shows the first year of a child’s life; the solid part shows the same period for the following calendar year.

The AF Form 1942 – Clinic Index contains data from infant health clinics. It is important to note that the total number of visits is calculated as the ratio of “brand new” infants seen to the total number of births in the community. This information can be used to estimate the potential caseload of a clinic. The ratio of “brand new” infants to births registered in the community may also provide an idea of the potential caseload.

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