AF Form 901 – Renlistment Eligibility Annex To DD Form 4

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 901 – Renlistment Eligibility Annex To DD Form 4 – The AF Form 901 is an official Air Force document used for re-enlistment and PCS from overseas to CONUS. It must be filed 120 days before planned separation. Upon re-enlistment, an Airman may request an in-place BOP or in-place PCS by filing an AF Form 901 and following the instructions. If you are re-enlisting, be sure to follow the instructions on the form to receive it in a timely manner.

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Form Number AF901
Published 06 Oct 2017
Prescribing Pub AFI36-2606
File Size 53.62 KB

What is an Air Force Form AF Form 901?

The AF Form 901 is an official Air Force document that a person must fill out and submit if they want to re-enlist or PCS from overseas to the CONUS. This form is required to be submitted 120 days before the individual plans on separation. The form may also be used to request in-place BOP for certain circumstances. Once the form has been approved, the Airman can go through the instructions to fill it out and submit it.

Before re-entering the Air Force, a person must submit an AF Form 901 to declare their intent to reenlist. To re-enlist, an individual must have served for four, five, or six years. The re-enlistment process takes 120 days and is required 120 days before a person plans to separate. The Air Force Form 901 is used to notify individuals who are leaving the military that they intend to re-enter the service.

Where Can I Find an AF Form AF Form 901?

If you’ve ever wondered where to find an AF Form 900 or 901, you’re not alone. The military is no different than the civilian world. While civilian forms are typically used for employee and contractor records, some federal employees and contractors need to submit the same form for various government programs. Whether you need a government form for an employment application or a benefits application, the government has it.

Your Air Force enlistment will include an AF Form 901 if you’re intending to re-enlist after leaving the military. Your enlistment will be for four or six years, depending on the length of time you have left. Your enlistment may have been for fifteen or twenty-four months if you joined through a National Call to Service enlistment, but you’ll still have to meet certain deadlines before you can re-up.

AF Form 901 – Renlistment Eligibility Annex To DD Form4

The AF Form 901 – Renlistments Eligibility Annex to the DD form 4 begins the reenlistment process. It outlines how projected reenlistment will be approved. It also includes specific information on what kind of reenlistment is eligible. Those unable to reenlist on a projected date will need to apply for an extension of their service.

In order to reenlist, you must declare your intention to rejoin the Air Force at least 120 days prior to your planned separation date. To do so, you will need to complete and submit AF Form 901 – Renlistment Eligibility Annex to Dd. Once approved, the reenlistment will be projected into the MPS system, canceling all other personnel actions.

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