AF Form 332 – Base Civil Engineer Work Request

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 332 – Base Civil Engineer Work Request – Are you wondering what an AF Form 332 is? Or where can you find one? This article will answer these questions, and more. Find out what you need to know to file this form, as well as where to find previous versions of it. You can also use this information to file a request for base civil engineering work. We’ll go over how to fill out the form, and what it means. In the end, you’ll have an understanding of this important document.

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What is an Air Force Form 332 ?

What is an Air Force Form 332? The 21st Civil Engineer Squadron receives AF Form 332 requests for a variety of projects. They handle in-house repairs as well as project construction through Military Construction funding. SRM funds are available for projects involving aging infrastructure. They are used to repair and upgrade base facilities. AF Form 332 is used when requesting funds for a project, but it is not always necessary.

Work order requests are for projects requiring detailed planning. This type of request requires an AF Form 332) and may also require an AF Form 813 or a 103. Organization commanders and facility managers can submit these forms to request work on base infrastructure. The facility manager will normally submit them at the direction of a 30 CES technician. The 332 package can be printed and signed electronically. If real estate is involved, an AF Form 103 must be completed.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 332 ?

If you need to get clearance to conduct routine work on a military base, you’ll need an AF Form 332. This form has four main parts, including a Master File Copy, Suspense Copy, Status Copy, and Customer’s Copies. You can get them from the Air Force Civil Engineer Center at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland. These forms are used to coordinate work-related activities with other agencies and identify hazardous work conditions. Once completed, the clearance will normally take about ten business days to process, and it’ll last for the number of days specified by the approving official.

The Air Force Form 332 was originally used to request equipment from the facility manager, office rearranging, and electrical work. However, the AF Form 332 can be used for routine work orders or emergency maintenance. While the AF Form 332 is for emergency maintenance, it’s also used for preventive maintenance, contingency construction training, and scheduled sustainment work. Once you know where to find the AF Form 332, you can fill it out and submit it to your base.

AF Form 332 – Base Civil Engineer Work Request

The AF Form 332 – Base Civil Engineering Work Request is a request for a base civil engineer to carry out certain engineering work. This form consists of Master File, Suspense, Status, Customer, and Additional Copy copies. If the request is for the same facility, it may be filled out by the facility manager. The requester completes each of these items on the form.

AF Form 332 is available online. You can fill out the yellow boxes in the form by pressing the arrow or clicking the next button. If you are not comfortable filling out the form, you can download a fillable version to complete by hand. If you cannot print it out, you can e-autograph it if you wish to file it electronically. The AF Form 332 – Base Civil Engineer Work Request is a military document that should be filled out correctly.

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