AF Form 2096 – Classification/On-The-Job-Training Action

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 2096 – Classification/On-The-Job-Training Action – AF Form 2096 – What Is It and What is its Purpose? Hopefully this article will help you understand what this form is used for and how you can make it easier to complete. Hopefully it will also answer some of your other questions regarding the form. Listed below are some of the most common questions about this form. Before we begin, let’s review the general structure of the form. Its primary purpose is to document the training you received on the job.

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Form Number AF2096
Published 03 Oct 2017
Prescribing Pub DAFI36-2670
File Size 123.51 KB

What is an Air Force Form 2096

What is Air Force Form 2096? is a military form that is used for actions related to on-the-job training and classification. It is also used to request changes to one’s AFSC, reporting identifier, and special experience identifier. Among other forms, it is used for initial qualification, permanent change of station, and professional military education. Here is a brief description of the different uses for AF Form 2096.

The form is used for classification actions, on-the-job training, and retirement. The form is available on the United States Air Force documentation website, or you can obtain it through your chain of command. You must know the duty title for the person’s current position, and the “0” in MOS should be changed to “O.”

What is the Purpose of AF Form 2096

What is the Purpose of AF Form 2096? The AF Form 2096 is a form used to nominate Airmen or civilians for awards and to document the justification for these awards. The form serves to improve Air Force morale by publicly recognizing deserving individuals. Those who are receiving awards are also expected to fill out this form to demonstrate their dedication to their duties.

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AF Form 2096 – Classification/On-The-Job-Training

AF Form 2096 is used to document actions that affect the classification or on-the-job-training of an individual. It can also be used to request changes to your AFSC, reporting identifier, or special experience identifier. It is also used for initial qualification, permanent change of station, and professional military education. The following are some examples of when you might use this form.

A classified on-the-job training job requires a certain amount of training and experience. A Staff Sergeant enters training with a “7” Skill Level, which is equivalent to a craftsman level, which requires more on-the-job training. Other occupations require training at a technical school at a “7” level.

AF Form 2096 Example

AF Form 2096 - Part 1 AF Form 2096 - Part 2 AF Form 2096 - Part 3 AF Form 2096 - Part 4 AF Form 2096 - Part 5 AF Form 2096 - Part 6 AF Form 2096 - Part 7

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