AF Form 104 – Service Medal Award Verification

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 104 – Service Medal Award Verification – If you have ever wondered what is AF Form 104, you’re not alone. There are many benefits of this official document, but you may be confused on what to fill out on it. In this article, we’ll discuss what the purpose of the AF Form 104 is and what you can do to make sure it is completed properly. We’ll also discuss how to properly fill out the AF Form 104 to confirm your Service Medal award.

Download AF Form 104 – Service Medal Award Verification

Form Number AF104
Published 10 Jun 2019
Prescribing Pub AFMAN36-2806
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What is an Air Force Form 104

An AF form 104 is a document that the airmen fill out to report their status in the military. In addition to reporting AWOL, the airmen must report any AWQ (Advanced Warrior Qualification) designation. They must also report any non-contingency TDYs. The form can be created online with a fast search and an advanced cloud editor. Depending on the requirements of the service member, the AF form 104 may include a detailed explanation of the reason for an AWOL or deserting.

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What is the Purpose of AF Form 104

Among the hundreds of forms that are used by the military, the AF form 104 is the most popular one. The form can be filled in instantly, and is available online as a PDF. In order to fill out the form, you will need Adobe Reader. It is a good idea to use this program instead of a web browser, as it organizes the forms by type. In addition, Adobe Reader also lets you type in keywords and numbers to quickly find the information you need. The results will be displayed under the relevant heading.

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AF Form 104 – Service Medal Award Verification

The Air Force requires a two-line signature for each recipient of an AF Commendation Medal. All awards are based on the conditions outlined by the Air Force. The 22nd AF commander or group commander must also approve the award. This verification form must follow AF policy. For more information, see the official Air Force form 104. Afterward, complete the rest of the form as needed.

The start date for the decoration should be less than the day of the member’s arrival in the unit. Similarly, the end date should be the day before the member’s transfer, the 3 year mark, his separation date, or the completion of a special project. If these criteria are not met, the member should submit another AF Form 104. AF Form 104 – Service Medal Award Verification.

AF Form 104 Example

AF Form 104

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