AF Form 49 – Application For MPA Man-Day Tour

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 49 – Application For MPA Man-Day Tour – Are you wondering what an Air Force Form 49 is? And where can you find one? Luckily, the answer is quite simple! In this article, we’ll answer those questions and provide some helpful tips for filling out your AF Form 49 – Application For MPA Man-Day Tour. Also, we’ll explain what the form is all about, and where to find it. So, if you’re in the military, be sure to read through these tips.

Download AF Form 49 – Application For MPA Man-Day Tour

Form Number AF49
Published 01 Apr 1995
Prescribing Pub DAFI36-2619
File Size 37.42 KB

What is an Air Force Form 49 ?

When you are applying for a military ID card, you will need to fill out a form called a 1172-2. This document must be signed by the sponsor and witnessed by a notary public. A printable form of the 1172-2 can be used in a pinch. You can fill out the 1172-2 from home or at the office. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully. A printed version of the form may not have all of the required information.

After completing the application, the IMAs can complete up to 139 days of MPA man-day tours every fiscal year. The number of man-day tours depends on the missions of the ESC. Units forecast their augmentation requirements to the HQ ESC/DPB. Then, the HQ ESC/DPB requests qualified IMAs to apply. AF Forms 49 must be sent to the unit of attachment within 30 days.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 49 ?

Getting your AF Form 49 signed online is simple when you use signNow. This reliable eSignature service has a powerful form editor that makes it easy to customize documents for your needs. Upload your AF Form 49 into your account and open the editor by clicking on the Edit & Sign button. You can add fields, email the document to others, or eSign directly from the editor.

To fill out a form quickly and easily, you can download the signNow app for iOS or Android devices. Download the app, register, and complete the sample form. Afterwards, sign the document and email a copy to yourself or a signer. When you are finished, you can also send requests to others for signatures. Alternatively, you can visit the AF website and download a PDF file.

AF Form 49 – Application For MPA Man-Day Tour

To perform an MPA man-day tour, an IMA must be approved by the HQ ESC/DPB. The HQ ARPC then publishes orders for the approved tours and provides reporting instructions. IMAs may only perform up to 139 days of MPA man-day tours each fiscal year. IMAs may request to perform this service if they meet the qualifications. The AF Form 49 must be completed by an IMA with proper justification.

If you have been assigned to an air reserve component, you can fill out the AF Form 49 online. You may also want to download the form and complete it in the office. Once you’ve completed the form, the RFM will forward it to HQ ESC/DPB for approval. The HQ ARPC will publish the order and furnish the IMA with the reporting instructions.

AF Form 49 Example

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