AF Form 623b – Individual Training Record Label

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Download AF Form 623b – Individual Training Record Label

Form Number AF623B
Form Title Individual Training Record Label
Published 01 Oct 1996
Prescribing Pub DAFI36-2670
File Size 1.20 MB

What is an Air Force Form 623b ?

The AF Form 623a is used to document a trainee’s progress through training. It details the status of the trainee and any training-related information, including counseling or delays. This form should be filled out with the trainee’s name, the trainer’s initial, and the date the trainee signed. The record should be organized according to the training plan. It should also include the supervisor’s signature, if any.

This form is used to assess the level of skill required for a certain skill. It also documents whether or not a trainee has met the training objective. The AF Form 623a should be filled out until a candidate completes training to achieve the skill level that he or she is seeking. When the trainee completes training, the form should be sent to their supervisor for review. The supervisor will also determine whether or not a further AF Form 623b should be kept in the trainee’s training record.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 623b ?

U.S. Air Force form 623b is used to track a trainee’s training. It documents his progress through the program, including training requirements and counseling statements. He can also include any training breaks and related information. The CDC issue may reflect the initial training completion schedule, as well as any reasons for any delays. Counseling statements may include strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement.

Training records are stored on AF Form 623 in a Deployment Readiness Folder. Generally, AF IMT Form 623a is an On-the-Job Training Record Continuation Sheet. These records are maintained for trainees to monitor their progress and strengths and weaknesses in a specific field. Using this form, the military can ensure that each trainee is receiving the proper training and is ready for deployment.

AF Form 623b – Individual Training Record Label

The AF Form 623a is a document used for the tracking of training progress. It contains information related to training requirements and breaks, as well as any counseling related information. The CDC issue may record an initial schedule of completion as well as explanations for delays and other factors. The training-related counseling statement may describe strengths or areas for improvement. If necessary, the trainee may indicate ways to improve and address the problems.

When using the AF Form 623b, the trainee must enter the name of the CDC, the date of completion, and the initials of the trainer and the trainee. The supervisor must sign the record. The date the trainee signed is also required. The individual training record label is organized after the master training plan. Detailed instructions for the labeling process are available on the U.S. Air Force’s website.

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AF Form 623b

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