AF Form 469 – Duty Limiting Condition Report

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 469 – Duty Limiting Condition Report – If you are wondering What is an Air Force Form 469, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn what a AF Form 469 is and what its purpose is. It is a document used by the military to document a service member’s duty limiting conditions. Read on for more information! AF Form 469 – Duty Limiting Condition Report – How to Prepare.

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Form Number AF469
Published 31 Jan 2020
Prescribing Pub AFI48-133
File Size 900.34 KB

What is an Air Force Form 469

What is an AF Form 469? is a military form that documents your medical history. Unlike a standard medical report, this document does not include a diagnosis or affirmations about your physical capabilities. Instead, it contains specific instructions about medical management. The most recent form may be 12 months old, but the military has guidelines for requesting more information. Besides, you can only have one active form at a time. Preventative Health Assessment and Individual Medical Readiness maintain records for previous forms.

AF Form 469s are a military form used to describe physical limitations and recommend duty restrictions to the Commander. The restrictions include restrictions related to the AF Fitness Program and Fitness Assessment Exemptions. If your condition prevents you from performing any of these exercises, you must submit a Medical Evaluation Report (MER) for your health and fitness. Once the report is received by the Air Force, you can apply for the AF Form 469.

AF Form 469 – Duty Limiting Condition Report

AF Form 469 – Duty Limitation Condition Report is used to communicate medical recommendations to the commander to maximize the utilization of Airmen under their command. AF Form 469 also facilitates consultation with the Senior Profiling Officer so that Duty Limiting Conditions can be used to their maximum benefit. Read on to learn more about this form. Let’s get started. AF Form 469 is a comprehensive report of a service member’s health conditions.

A duty limitation is a physical or medical condition that limits an Airman’s ability to perform their primary duties, deploy, or participate in fitness activities. In the Air Force, this recommendation is referred to as a duty limitation. The form also has an abbreviation, DLC, or duty restriction. These abbreviations are common in military lingo. When referring to an AF Form 469, the term “duty limiting condition” is used to describe any limitations an Airman has, and to determine whether these limitations are temporary or permanent.

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