AF Form 901 – Renlistment Eligibility Annex To DD Form 4

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 901 – Renlistment Eligibility Annex To DD Form 4 – Whether you are planning to join the Air Force or are just curious about this annex, you will find the information you need in this article. Here you will learn the basics of AF Form 901 – Renlistment Eligibility Annex to DD. The following are some steps you must take in completing the AF Form 901.

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Form Number AF901
Published 06 Oct 2017
Prescribing Pub AFI36-2606
File Size 53.62 KB

What is an Air Force Form 901 ?

The AFPD 90-901 is an instruction manual for operational risk management (ORM). It sets forth the requirements for integrating ORM throughout the Air Force and assigns responsibilities for each program element. It contains a list of program management information and is applicable to all members of the Air Force, including the Air National Guard and Reserve. Supplements to the manual must be approved by the Air Force Chief of Safety.

In order to become an Air Force member, you must meet certain requirements. You must complete this application within 120 days before you plan to separate from the service. In some cases, you might have been offered several options to serve our country. Moreover, if your first enlistment has been shorter than usual, you may have had a limited amount of time to decide whether you want to stay or leave. Luckily, you can “re-up” at various points during your first enlistment, though you must meet deadlines.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 901 ?

AF Form 901 is an official document that is used by the Air Force for various purposes. It is used for re-enlistment or requesting PCS from overseas to the CONUS. The document must be filed at least 120 days before the planned separation. In addition to requesting PCS, Airmen may also request an in-place BOP. To obtain this document, you will need to complete the instructions on how to find and download it.

When you first enlisted, the recruiter might have offered you different options for service. Depending on your original enlistment, you might have signed up for four, six, or even more years. However, the National Call to Service allows you up to fifteen months of service and twenty-four months of active and reserve status. This document is your official record that shows your service record. Once you complete the form, it will help the Air Force know that you are still interested in joining.

AF Form 901 – Renlistment Eligibility Annex To DD Form 4

The Air Force requires that enlistees declare their intention to reenlist at least 120 days prior to their date of planned separation. These enlistees must submit Air Force Form 901 to inform the service of their intention to re-enlist. These enlistees may also have served four, five, or six years in the armed forces before they are eligible to re-enlist.

The AF Form 901 must be filled out by the supervising authority at the Air Force, as the first section outlines. If a person has a 2q code, they can re-enlist using this form. If their code is 3q, a waiver may be required. If they have a 4q code, re-enlistment is not normally possible. It is important to understand that re-enlisting in another service is not necessarily a pattern of misconduct, as long as a member of the same branch of service performs two years of active duty.

AF Form 901 Example

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