AF IMT Form 138 – Post Trial Clemency Evaluation

AFFORM.NET – AF IMT Form 138 – Post Trial Clemency Evaluation – If you are wondering “What is an Air Force IMT Form 138” or “Where can I find one?” then this article is for you. In this article, I will provide some information about this form and what you should expect to find on it. This form is the basis for your Post Trial Clemency Evaluation and will be used to request clemency from the Court of Military Justice. You should read it carefully to make sure you have entered all the information required.

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Form Number AF138
Published 01 Sep 1999
Prescribing Pub DAFI51-201
File Size 1.02 MB

What is an Air Force IMT Form 138?

An IMT form is used in the Air Force to document an Airman’s performance. This form must be filled out by the Airman’s supervisor. Once he or she has submitted the completed form, it will be sent to headquarters for review. If the Airman is discharged from the Air Force before completing the form, it is necessary to have the form filled out and signed before leaving the service.

The form is completed and signed by the officer whose performance is being documented. It is used to document an officer’s performance during formal education or training. It is required to complete a form if the course lasted at least 8 weeks, and for the cadet to complete it within the required time. If the course is a shorter period of time, the cadet must complete another form if he or she is transferring to another institution.

Where Can I Find an AF IMT Form 138?

A recruit must fill out the AF IMT Form 138 to get on the control roster. This form is used to keep an individual on the control roster for six months or more. It shields the individual from all other actions while on the control roster. Before entering the control roster, an individual must obtain the signature of his or her commanding officer, MTL, or supervisor. A recruit who is in the middle of an active-duty period or who is under disciplinary action will not be placed on the control roster.

AF IMT Form 138 – Post Trial Clemency Evaluation

The Clemency and Parole Board considers a variety of factors, including the offender’s background, educational and rehabilitation effort, and other relevant factors. The military judge’s recommendation is also taken into account, as are psychiatric evaluations, victim statements, and restitution. If the accused is eligible for clemency, the accused should submit the AF IMT Form 138 before the final action. The accused person’s detailed defense counsel is responsible for assisting him/her with the clemency application.

The AF IMT Form 138, also known as a Post-Trial Clemency Evaluation, must be filed within six months of the service member’s disciplinary discharge. An AF IMT Form 138 is the best way to apply for clemency in such a case. The document should include the alleged incident, the location, and the time. The Department of Defense may issue regulations implementing this section.

Example AF IMT Form 138

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