AF Form 1118 – Notice Of Hazard

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 1118 – Notice Of Hazard – The AF Form 1118 is used to notify a hazard. This document contains details of the hazard. It is made up of a number of sections that include the date of the hazard, shop or office symbol, supervisor’s name, risk assessment category, and hazard severity. It is then reviewed and verified by BE personnel, fire prevention, and ground safety personnel. To find out more about this document, please read on.

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Form Number AF1118
Published 15 Jun 2015
Prescribing Pub AFI91-202
File Size 1,002.40 KB

What is an Air Force Form 1118?

What is Air Force Form 1118? a hazard identification form used by the U.S. Air Force? It is a temporary form issued by qualified officials to warn employees about a hazard, either real or perceived. If the hazard is not corrected, an AF Form 1118 must be issued. Once issued, an AF Form 1118 must be posted near the hazard or workplace so that employees are aware of it.

AF Form 1118 is a document used to identify RAC 1 and RAC 2 hazards and must be completed and posted by fire, health, or safety officials. A supervisor will be responsible for posting it, and the installation wing’s safety office will assign a control number to the AF Form. This control number should match that of an associated AF Form 3.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 1118?

AF Form 1118 is an airfield safety and health notice that identifies RAC 1, 2, and 3 hazards. It must be completed by a fire, safety, or health officer and forwarded to a supervisor for posting. The installation wing safety office assigns a control number to the form that is compatible with the associated AF Form 3.

AF Form 457 can be posted on safety bulletin boards and in frequently visited areas. Anyone who is in an aircraft, space, or work area can report a hazard by filling out the form. The report must be written and signed by an Air Force employee. The report can also include errors or unsafe procedures or practices. It cannot contain hazards that are already managed through another process. You can also find the AF Form 457 by looking on the safety bulletin board at the Air Force Safety and Health Administration (AFSCAHA).

AF Form 1118 – Notice Of Hazard

AF Form 1118 – Notice Of hazard is a government-mandated document that should be submitted when hazardous conditions are present in an area. The document explains the risks involved in a work area and the steps to mitigate these risks. In addition, it informs workers of the requirement to complete a Hazard Communication Program. Employees should also know where to find emergency equipment, such as a fire extinguisher, and how to use it.

The AF Form 1118 is used as a sign. It is posted for a period of three days at the location of the identified hazard until the problem is rectified. The sign is filled out by the company’s owning safety office. AFI 91-301 provides detailed instructions on the proper use of the sign. The notice must be completed within 15 days of the hazard’s discovery.

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AF Form 1118

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