AF Form 813 – Request For Environmental Impact Analysis

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 813 – Request For Environmental Impact Analysis – The AF Form 813 is used to apply for permits and accuracy reviews, and to document earth-moving activities and planned construction. Learn more about the important functions of this form. Here are some examples. We’ll also go over what the AF Form 813 is and how to locate it. Lastly, we’ll look at why you should complete it. And finally, let’s discuss the main functions of the AF Form 813.

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Form Number AF813
Published 01 Sep 1999
Prescribing Pub AFI32-1015
File Size 1.14 MB

What is an Air Force Form 813?

Af IMT Form 813 is a legal document that documents a request for a permit or a review of an activity’s environmental impact. This form is filed by the Air Force civil engineering center branch that has a NEPA division. This form documents all the details about an activity’s environmental impact, as well as any additional documents. It must be filed and stored with other relevant documents in order to ensure that all the necessary approvals are obtained before an activity begins.

The EPF must document the application of CATEX on the AF Form 813. The AF Form 813 must also identify the previous environmental document approved by the Air Force and the impact of similar actions. In some instances, the EPF may be able to exclude certain activities, such as in-house services. A similar construction, however, must be documented. AF Form 813 must be completed for all such applications.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 813?

AF Form 813 is a legal document that documents earth-moving activities and planned construction. The Air Force IMT (Information Management Tool) created this document in September 1999. While there are no separate filing guidelines for this form, the IMT website provides templates and other documents needed for its completion. The AF Form 813 is a required document for a variety of reasons. The following are some of them.

The MPR for a service department forwards negative records to the appropriate service branch. The Coast Guard and Air Force do not forward negative records to each other. If you receive a negative record, return it to the appropriate office. If the SF 813 is not available online, you can refer to the chart below to determine where to send it. You will need to submit the form along with any other environmental documents, such as NPRC or EIAP.

AF Form 813 – Request For Environmental Impact Analysis

An Air Force form 813 – Request For Environmental Impact Analysis – is a document requesting an environmental impact analysis for a proposed activity. It details the proposed activity and its environmental impacts. The Air Force must retain this form and the environmental impact statement it has prepared. AF Form 813 is used for real property management, emergency response, and facilities engineering and operations support. It follows the same basic format as a CATEX determination.

The Air Force may exclude some activities from the Appendix, including in-house services. The EPF must also document whether previous Air Force-approved environmental documents were similar to the one under review. This Appendix must be filled out before a project is permitted. However, some activities may not be excluded from the environmental impact analysis. For example, if a project is slated to involve the conversion of in-house services to contract services, the EPF must document the conversion to a CATEX.

AF Form 813 Example

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