AF Form 418 – Selective Reenlistment Program (SRP) Consideration/Denial Of Continued Service For Airmen

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 418 – Selective Reenlistment Program (SRP) Consideration/Denial Of Continued Service For Airmen – AF Form 418 is a form that Air Force ineligible Airmen must complete when submitting an application for continued service. Fortunately, there is a helpful resource for those Airmen who do not have easy access to the Air Force’s official website. Here’s a look at a few common forms that an ineligible Airman might encounter. This document is used to determine the eligibility of a person for continued service and can be found in the Air Force computer system.

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Form Number AF418
Published 12 Apr 2021
Prescribing Pub AFI36-2606
File Size 53.40 KB

What is an Air Force Form AF Form 418?

An Airman who is no longer eligible for continued service must fill out AF Form 418 to request non-reenlistment. The decision on whether or not to reenlist is made by his or her commander or civilian director. This decision has major implications for an Airman’s opportunity for assignment, promotion, or retraining. The commander must determine the Airman’s duty, performance and conduct, and decide whether or not he or she is eligible for continued service.

AF Form 418 is used for non-selection appeals and honorable discharge applications. The reason for non-retention varies among former airmen, depending on their reentry code and tenure dates. The non-retention reason can be derogatory judgment or failure to perform duty duties. However, the decision is made under strict privacy rules and Executive Order 9397. If the decision to release the Airman does not follow these standards, the AF Form 418 could be thrown out and the Airman may be discharged or retrained.

Where Can I Find an AF Form AF Form 418?

You can find an AF Form 418 by searching for it on the Air Force’s computer system. This form is required for ineligible Airmen to apply for continued service. In the case of a non-selection, this form will be used to determine if the ineligible Airman is eligible for reenlistment. The form includes a list of reasons for non-retention, ranging from a derogatory judgment to a failure to perform duty duties.

An Air Force officer may appeal a nonselection decision to the Board if he has been denied a duty assignment. The officer may also appeal to the commander, who can reverse the decision. However, the commander must assess the rates of duty performance and conduct in order to determine whether he should continue to serve. An AF Form 418 is a legal document. It is important that you understand its contents.

AF Form 418 – Selective Reenlistment Program

The AF Form 418 is used for determining whether an Airman should continue his service or not. If the Airman is denied SRP selection, the commander or civilian director must fill out the corresponding form. The form states that the Airman has been denied continued service and that he is placed in RE code 2X based on his Total Active Federal Military Service Date. The commander must verify the signature of the officer signing the form before the reenlistment can take effect.

In order to be eligible for reenlistment, Airmen must be on active duty at their home station. Non-reenlistment is considered an unqualified request for reenlistment. Reenlistment is a privilege and not a right. Commanders and civilian directors retain the authority to deny reenlistment and are entitled to determine whether reenlistment is appropriate for the Airman. Ineligible reenlistment may affect an Airman’s opportunity for assignment, promotion, and retraining. It also affects his future eligibility for retention.

AF Form 418 Example

AF Form 418

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