AF Form 4380 – Air Force Special Needs Screener

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 4380 – Air Force Special Needs Screener – If you’re wondering: what is an Air Force Form 4380? and where do I find one? Keep reading for answers to these questions, plus the information you need to find it. We’ll also cover how to fill out a digital version of the form, which can be sent via email or downloaded and printed out. The benefits of digital signatures are many, and they’re easy to find and use. Then you can quickly and easily send or download it.

Download AF Form 4380 – Air Force Special Needs Screener

Form Number AF4380
Published 06 Aug 2015
Prescribing Pub AFI40-701
File Size 32.52 KB

What is an Air Force Form 4380 ?

An af form 4380 is a mandatory document required by the Department of Defense to document the condition and disposition of any accountable property. It must be filled out within five days of the loss, destruction, or return of a person’s accountable property. If you are unsure of what af form 4380 is, you can find instructions and a free PDF version at

When completing an EFMP, you’ll have to submit a form that details the special needs of the sponsoring family member. EFMPs are required of active-duty service members with qualifying conditions and document the special needs of a family member. The form also contains information necessary for determining if the sponsor’s family member qualifies for certain programs. It’s also used to document the health needs of members of the sponsor’s household during a relocation.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 4380 ?

An AF Form 4380 is an electronic document used by the Air Force to complete various government forms. It is now no longer necessary to fill out paper copies of this document. The digital version of this document can be easily filled out using an app, which is available for iOS and Android. You can also download it and send it as an attachment. Using the app, you can also sign the document using your digital signature.

AF Form 4380 is the financial statement used by the Air Force to monitor the income and expenses of military members and their families. You can no longer submit paper versions of this form to the special needs screener. The air force makes sure to offer specialized services and benefits for military members and their families, and AF Form 4380 is a vital part of these services. You may need this form to receive the benefits that you qualify for, ranging from education to medical care.

AF Form 4380 – Air Force Special Needs Screener

The AF Form 4380 – Air Force special needs screener is a form that sponsors must complete for each family member that has special medical or educational needs. This form is no longer accepted in paper form. Instead, sponsors and guardians must complete an electronic version of the form. The form also determines eligibility for various programs and compiles statistical data. There are several reasons why it is important to fill out this form.

The Air Force Department of the Air Force will send a notification via email or myvector to all members with dependents. Those who are accompanied to an out-of-country location must complete an AF Form 4380. The screening questionnaire must be completed electronically. To complete the form, you must list 0 (zero) on the next line. If you plan to travel with your entire family, you must complete AF Form 4380.

AF Form 4380 Example

AF Form 4380

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