AF Form 1522 – Arms Additional Training Accomplishment Report

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 1522 – Arms Additional Training Accomplishment Report – If you are wondering what an Air Force Form 1522 is, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explain what this document is and where you can find it. The purpose of the AF Form 1522 is to confirm that you have undergone ACCM indoctrination, and we’ll also discuss what it’s used for. So let’s start! Before you get started, know that it’s a form that the Air Force uses to verify that you have received the required training for the specific position that you hold.

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Form Number AF1522
Published 01 Aug 2003
Prescribing Pub AFMAN11-202V1
File Size 46.49 KB

What is an Air Force Form 1522 ?

AF Form 1522 is a government form used to obtain information on individuals. Usually, this information relates to alternative compensatory control measures, or ACCMs. It collects Personal Information, such as names, Social Security numbers, DoD ID numbers, and rank and office symbol. This information is stored on secure servers that are recognized around the world. AF Form 1522 serves as a document to verify an individual’s indoctrination into ACCMs.

The form also requires contractors to submit an informational copy of their course syllabi. The contractor must submit this information in writing to the government. If a pilot cannot attend, they must notify their flying unit and the contractor of the change in writing. However, this requirement does not apply if the pilots do not have emergency medical conditions. In the event that a trainee cannot attend a flight evaluation because of an emergency or an emergent operational need, the contractor must substitute a pilot.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 1522 ?

AF Form 1522 is used for submitting additional training by an outside agency. It requires that one member or multiple members of a team complete the form, and the date of the ARMS process must be entered. Then, the contractor must verify that all personal information provided on the form is accurate. Here are some tips for submitting this document. First, you should know that students are not required to fill out the form, but they are allowed to do so.

AF Form 1522 – Arms Additional Training Accomplish

The AF Form 1522 – Arms Additionally Trained Airmen is used to report training accomplishments. It is issued by the Chief of Staff USAF or the Secretary of the Air Force. It contains policies, procedures, and other information that is intended to benefit personnel. Generally, the report must be certified by the AF before it can be submitted to the AF. However, a student can fill out the form by himself.

During ground training, AF Form 1522 should be used to record events. Flight training should be recorded on the AE MAR. Flight training events should be recorded on the AE MAR. AE MARs are located in Tables 4.4.5 of the FN/AET Semi-annual Continuation Flying requirements. ARM worksheets that are produced electronically may be accepted as an AE MAR.

AF Form 1522 Example

AF Form 1522 - Part 1 AF Form 1522 - Part 2

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