AF Form 457 – Usaf Hazard Report

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 457 – Usaf Hazard Report – The AF Form 457 is a report that can be used by employees to notify management of safety issues or hazards. Reportable hazards include unsafe practices, procedures, or conditions. Employees should give a supervisor the first opportunity to eliminate a hazard before reporting it. If the supervisor can eliminate a hazard, no further action is required. Otherwise, employees can report the hazard and send it to the 72nd ABW Safety Office via email or mail.

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Form Number AF457
Published 17 Nov 2015
Prescribing Pub AFI91-202
File Size 1.39 MB

What is an Air Force Form 457 ?

What is an Air Force Form 457? is used to report hazard information to the Air Force. These reports are necessary for compliance with standards set by the nato and 3750fs airmiss reporting. The new form was released on November 17, 2015. It is a web-based application that you can fill out on your computer. You can add an electronic signature and save or print your completed form.

The af form 457 is an air force hazard report that specifies the time periods and requirements for scheduled inspections. This is also a requirement for certain types of work. It is important to note that you are required to fill out this form if you were injured while working on the air force. Even if the injury occurred off-duty, the form must be filled out. If you sustained a serious injury, the form must be filled out.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 457 ?

An AF Form 457 is a fire safety report filed by airmen and women for a variety of reasons, including accidents, mishaps, and hazard reports. While this form may be difficult to complete, there are many options available. An online application, or fillable form, can make the process easier. You can also download other forms provided by the Air Force for reference. Listed below are some of the most common places to find one.

If you’re in the Air Force, you’re likely responsible for filing hazard reports. These reports are required by law and specify the frequency of scheduled inspections and work requirements. To help you complete these forms correctly, here’s an example:

AF Form 457 – Usaf Hazard Report

AF Form 457 – USAF Hazard Report is a document used to report hazards in the workplace. The hazard report includes any unsafe practices, procedures, or conditions. To file a hazard report, employees must first give their supervisor a chance to eliminate the problem, and if they are successful, the hazard should be reported. If the hazard cannot be remedied right away, personnel can send the form via email or mail to the 72nd ABW Safety Office.

AF Form 457 is a mandatory document for all employees of a unit. It is used to fill out the 3750fs airmiss reporting and nato standardization agreement. If there is a hazard or injury in the work area, any employee in the air force can report it by filling out the form. AF Form 457 can be downloaded or filled in online. You can find additional documents on the U.S. Air Force’s website.

AF Form 457 Example

AF Form 457 - Part 1 AF Form 457 - Part 2

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