AF IMT Form 3907 – Security Forces Field Interview Data

AFFORM.NET – AF IMT Form 3907 – Security Forces Field Interview Data – What is an AF IMT Form 3907? Where can I find one? How do I fill it out? These questions will help you learn more about AF IMT Form 3907 – Security Forces Field Interview. This form is used to record routine contacts between security forces and members of the public. You’ll need to sign this form to authorize security forces to search your property. If you refuse, you’ll need to fill out an additional form.

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Form Number AF3907
Published 23 Jun 2020
Prescribing Pub AFI31-115
File Size 18.28 KB

What is an Air Force Form 3907 ?

An AF IMT 3907 form is a legal document used by security forces to gather data during routine interviews. It includes information regarding the frequency of vehicle inspections and other procedures. This form should be filled out in private, and you may need to schedule an appointment in a private office to obtain one. You can also use an online document builder to customize pre-built templates. These forms feature smart fillable fields and an e-signature. Once complete, you can print or download the document.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 3907 ?

An AF IMT Form 3907 is a document that lists the procedures for inspecting a vehicle. It is used to document routine contact between the security forces and the general public. It must be signed by the person who gives consent to be searched. The individual who gives consent must understand that the information obtained will be used against them in administrative or legal proceedings. If the individual withdraws consent to be searched, the Security Forces member must terminate the search immediately. The member must document pertinent information on the form in a file for each search, and the actions taken to prevent a crime.

AF Form 3907 is used to record suspicious person contacts. One copy of the form is sent to the Security Forces Investigations Section for comparison to the crimes reported. The form is fairly self-explanatory. It is also used to query crime statistics and provide assistance to installation commanders. The document is available at the Security Forces Investigations Department website. The form can be downloaded from the Internet, if you have Adobe Reader 8 or higher.

AF IMT Form 3907 – Security Forces Field Interview

During the course of their routine contact with civilians, security forces record data from AF IMT Form 3907 – the Security Forces Field Interview. These forms include the consent for search and seizure form, the list of failed political committees, and the receipt of a detained person. If the detained person refuses to sign the consent form, they will be held in custody for several days until they can be debriefed.

This document is legally binding, and must be completed in the presence of the officer conducting the interview. It contains a check box section for a written statement about the officer’s performance. Af IMT Form 3907 must be returned within two months. The form can also be used as a fundraising form. For those interested, it is easy to download the AF IMT Form 3907 and complete it in your browser.

AF IMT Form 3907 Example

AF IMT Form 3907

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