AF Form 942 – Record Of Evaluation

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 942 – Record Of Evaluation – There are some common questions you may have about the AF Form 942, Record of Evaluation. These can help you find information about the Air Force Form 942, and where to find it. Read on to learn more. This article will explain the purpose and process of this document. It can also be helpful to someone who is currently in the military or is planning to join the service in the near future. The first step is to find a copy of your Form 942.

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Form Number AF942
Published 05 Oct 2020
Prescribing Pub AFMAN11-202V2
File Size 29.70 KB

What is an Air Force Form 942 ?

You may be wondering: “What is an Air Force Form 942?” The form is a simple document that identifies flight evaluations, which are needed to apply for the AF’s pilot training program. The form also indicates the member’s aircrew qualification and duty position. The AF Form 942 also contains information about the flight authorization duty code, which contains the first, second, and third characters of a MAJCOM-specified character set. In addition, it includes information about flight training, which includes the number of tasks required and the duration of the next training cycle.

When you use an af form 942 template, you can streamline the document workflow. No longer is printing and scanning the best way to manage your documents. Adding electronic signatures to documents is easier than ever with the latest technology. With signNow, you can fill out a form online and eSign it with a click of a button. You can also share the form with others and complete it with your finger tips without paper. Simply click “Get Form” to get started with your af form 942 template, open the editor, and start filling out the form. Using cross marks to choose answers is also an option, allowing for easier completion.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 942 ?

Where to find an AF Form 942 template? An AF form 942 is a template for military personnel. These documents are commonly used for a variety of purposes and are available in a variety of formats. You can fill out and sign them online, and even download a fillable version. This form can be used in various ways, and should be filled out accurately for your own record keeping needs.

To apply for a job in the armed forces, you must be physically fit. The physical test must be 80 or higher with no component exemptions, and you must be qualified for worldwide duty, with a primary focus on firearms. Having completed an AF form 942 does not ensure you’ll receive an invite, and only a complete application will be reviewed. When filling out your application, make sure you include your last name, rank, and any other information you think might be useful. Lastly, make sure you include your government email address.

AF Form 942 – Record Of Evaluation

An AF Form 942 – Record Of Evaluate a Service Member or a Company carries legal importance and is considered to be a legally binding document. In today’s society, office working environments are being replaced by more flexible, mobile and online working environments. The Air Force is pursuing recapitalization plans for its EC-130H Compass Call fleet, and has a variety of options to do so. These options include replacing the aircraft or integrating it onto a current platform. Both options require adequate space, weight, power, cooling, and other features to carry out the new mission. The transition of the EC-130H Compass Call fleet must also be addressed.

AF Form 942 Example

AF Form 942

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