AF Form 286a – Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) Permanent Disqualification Or Decertification Action

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 286a – Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) Permanent Disqualification Or Decertification Action – IF Form 286a is an application for EAD. The application is filled out by cadets and the commander of their unit. The PRP monitor for the unit forwards the EAD order to the AFPC/DPIS, which processes the EAD orders. The commander of the gaining unit reviews the EAD order and makes a decision about eligibility. Once approved, cadets are sent to a different unit, where the detachment commander reviews it to determine if it is appropriate.

Download AF Form 286a – Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) Permanent Disqualification Or Decertification Action

Form Number AF286A
Published 09 Jun 2015
Prescribing Pub DoDM5210.42_AFMAN13-501
File Size 1.41 MB

What is an Air Force Form AF Form 286a?

What is Air Force Form 286a, and how does it differ from a standard form? This form is used to document the progress of a PRP, or personal readiness review. The AF Form 286 includes sections I and III, which contain information from the PRP pre-screening process. The first section of the form, question 6, requires the cadet to initial and date. This form is not generated by common access cards and does not have the digital signature capability.

The reason for completing the AF Form 286a is based on a variety of factors. One of the most common reasons for a PRP suspension is a pattern of behavior that indicates a person’s insubordination and contempt for authority. The CO must document the specific circumstances that led to the decision. Once permanent decertification has been issued, the AF Form 286A must be filed and the case will remain on record until it is vacated.

Where Can I Find an AF Form AF Form 286a?

You need an AF Form 286a to apply for PRP. This is the document that is used for determining whether or not an individual is trustworthy, in compliance with military regulations. It contains information that could be disqualifying, such as drug abuse, character disorders, and medical conditions. An AF Form 745, also known as the medical report for personnel who have entered PRP, records health records for those individuals.

During a security investigation, the local security policy will provide a copy of the paperwork to DIS. They must submit the paperwork for the investigation, which will serve as the basis for your interim certification. An AF Form 286a will also document whether you’ve been decertified due to a criminal background check or if you’ve undergone other security checks. If you’ve already undergone a security investigation, however, you can be certified for 90 days.

AF Form 286a – Personnel Reliability Program Prep

AF Form 286a – Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) certifications and decertifications are important to maintain the integrity of the PRP. Certifications must be documented on the AF Form 286A and can only be done by an authorized CO. Any information regarding health issues must be documented in the PRP questionnaire, which is part of AF Form 286.

The PRP Questionnaire contains information on the pre-screening process. In section II, the cadet must initial question 6 of the PRP questionnaire. In the meantime, the cadet cannot use his or her digital signature or common access card. Therefore, the MTF CMA must sign the form. The cadet must date and initial in section II, question six.

AF Form 286a Example

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