AF Form 2583 – Request For Personnel Security Action

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 2583 – Request For Personnel Security Action – This article will discuss What is an AF Form 2583? and Where Can I Find One? As a new military member, you’ll likely have many questions, including: What is a form 2583? And how can I find one online? Read on to learn more! AF Form 2583 is also known as Request For Personnel Security Action. You’ll need this form to request an investigation of your armed forces membership.

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Form Number AF2583
Published 04 Apr 2014
Prescribing Pub DoDMAN5200.02_AFMAN16-1405
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What is an Air Force Form 2583?

To determine eligibility for security clearance, individuals should complete the AF Form 2583. This form can be either typed or printed legibly in dark, reproducible ink. Generally, this form is used to request an investigation, one-time access, or SAP authorizations. Once completed, the form can be processed and disposed of according to the policies and procedures of the unit or organization that issued it. Here are some tips to fill out the form correctly.

The first step to e-sign Air Force Form 2583 is to create an account with DocuSign. This website is free to use, and its iOS app allows you to sign the document using just a cell phone. You can create an account using your email address or another social networking account such as Facebook or Google. Then, you can upload documents to sign, check the document, and share them with others.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 2583?

When requesting security clearance, AF Form 2583 is required. The form shows that you’ve surrendered a restricted area badge to the Pass & Registration Section. It also shows if you have a security termination statement and a special access certificate. It should be completed by a military or civilian, depending on the position. The form also includes an explanation of the request. To submit the form, fill out the required fields and submit it to the corresponding agency.

Where can I find an AF Form 25803? You must have a security clearance to obtain classified information. This document is essential for obtaining access to sensitive information. The Air Force uses the Automated Security Clearance Approval System (ASCAS) to transmit data on security clearance eligibility and investigation statuses. A civilian’s status can be verified by the Base Level Military Personnel System (BLMPS).

AF Form 2583 – Request For Personnel Security Action

If you have been assigned to a unit that is responsible for personnel security, you can submit an application for a personnel security investigation by filling out AF Form 2583. Generally, this form should be typed or legibly printed with dark reproducible ink. The name and date of birth of the requester are also required. It is also important to indicate whether the requester is a DoD or non-DoD member. After completing the form, it should be processed and disposed of according to the unit’s file maintenance procedures.

In addition to evaluating the application for a PSI, the approving authority must also determine if the application meets the standards required by the act. The approving authority must make sure that the person requesting access has been trained and have access to the same category of information as those who have already been given access authorizations. A copy of the form must be provided to the person who terminates the access authorization.

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AF Form 2583

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