AF Form 445 – Security Forces Report Of Investigation Cover Sheet

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 445 – Security Forces Report Of Investigation Cover Sheet – When completing an AF Form 445, cadets are required to match the completed courses on their transcript to those on their AF Form 445. Cadets must list all academic terms from PNA to Field Training, as well as any cooperative programs or terms abroad. If the cadet has changed any courses, he or she must complete a new Form 48. To update this record, cadets must complete a new Form 48 every time the student has a change.

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Form Number AF445
Published 01 Jun 2020
Prescribing Pub AFI31-115
File Size 108.02 KB

What is an Air Force Form AF Form 445?

If you’re a member of the Air Force, you’re likely to have come across AF Form 445. This form is used to document a medical condition. In order to complete the form, you need to have certain medical documents to prove that you are physically fit for duty. These documents include a letter from a doctor or dentist, laboratory tests, and consultant evaluations. The information you include on the form must be accurate, complete, and concise. It must also include details of functional limitations.

The 445th Fighter-Bomber Wing is part of the Air Reserve and is based in Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. It is mobilized when the Air Mobility Command needs a plane or a pilot. The wing’s name comes from its history as the 445th Bombardment Group. Its mission was to support the USAAF’s fighter pilots in the Vietnam War.

Where Can I Find an AF Form AF Form 445?

If you are an immigrant and wish to become a citizen of the United States, you must first file AF Form N-445, otherwise known as a Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony. This document serves as a vital part of the American citizenship process. However, you must know that notice will not be sent to every person who takes the oath. Therefore, you need to be prepared to find the form and make any necessary changes.

The AF Form 445 is a government-issued form that must be filled out by a permanent resident who has not passed the N-360 exam. Upon receiving the form, the applicant’s application is processed within thirty days. It also outlines the reasons why the application has been rejected. Once you receive the form, you must contact an immigration officer for further details. You can locate the relevant officer by checking your Area Station Guide or USCIS Field Office directory.

AF Form 445 Example

AF Form 445

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