AF Form 4394 – Air Force User Agreement Statement – Notice And Consent Provision

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 4394 – Air Force User Agreement Statement – Notice And Consent Provision – What is an AF Form 4394? Where can I find one? This article answers these questions and much more. We’ll also go over the benefits of this document, including its security features. The form is required to be signed by all enlisted personnel and their dependents who wish to join the military. Despite its name, it is an extremely important document. If you’ve never seen one, you’re in for a surprise.

Download AF Form 4394 – Air Force User Agreement Statement – Notice And Consent Provision

Form Number AF4394
Published 21 Jun 2013
Prescribing Pub AFI17-130
File Size 28.10 KB

What is an Air Force Form 4394?

If you’re wondering what Air Force Form 4394 is, you’ve come to the right place. This document is a standard military form that you’re required to sign for access to classified ISs. It’s also known as the DD2875, and it’s maintained by the organization IAO. Users must sign this form whenever they access classified ISs, and they may transport it from one station to another if they move permanently. You’ll also need to present it during in-processing if you want to receive classified ISs.

When it comes to commercial long-distance calls, AF Form 1072 is required. The form is used to verify that the caller’s identity is not compromised. It’s also used to track unauthorized calls, which is why it’s not permitted to make such calls without the approval of the installation’s CSO. In the case of collect calls, an installation commander will give local guidance. It is important to remember that all government communications systems are subject to monitoring, interception, search, and seizure.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 4394?

A signed AF Form4394 can help protect your identity and prevent misuse of government-provided equipment. While government-provided hardware and software are intended for official use only, the use of such equipment may be limited to specific purposes. According to the Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 33-152, authorized personal use must not impair the performance of official duties, overburden systems, or reflect negatively on the Air Force. Other important rules governing the use of systems and networks are outlined in mandatory user agreements. You can also get guidance from Air Force Instruction 34-223 if you are a private organization.

AF Form 4394 – Air Force User Agreement Statement

AF Form 4394 must be signed by all users of DOD information systems, including the users of telecommunications systems. Upon accessing classified ISs, users must sign a standardized AF Form 4394. If a user fails to sign an AF Form 4394, they will be denied access to the enterprise capability. Users should also sign the DD Form 2056, a notification decal, to allow the monitoring of telephones.

The Air Force is a small and highly mobile force, so having a standardized way to produce your documents is important. The Air Force’s official website allows you to download and print documents online. You can view your AF Form 4394 online or download it from the Air Force website. After downloading your document, be sure to file it in the appropriate COMPUSEC documentation folder. A copy of the document will be kept on file for up to five years.

AF Form 4394 Example

AF Form 4394

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