AF Form 4167 – Two-Person Control (TPC) Comsec Material Inventory

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 4167 – Two-Person Control (TPC) Comsec Material Inventory – If you are an Air Force officer or soldier, you should know what an AF Form 4167 is and where to find it. This article will give you information about the AF Form 4167 – Two-Person Control (TPC) Comsec Material Inventory – and where you can get a copy. In addition, we’ll cover how to file the form and provide you with an example. You can download the form from the Air Force website or from your local military base if you have one.

Download AF Form 4167 – Two-Person Control (TPC) Comsec Material Inventory

Form Number AF4167
Published 10 Mar 2010
Prescribing Pub AFI17-130
File Size 34.75 KB

What is an Air Force Form AF Form 4167?

What is Air Force Form 4167? This form is used to report medical conditions for active duty Air Force enlisted members. It requires medical documentation and a letter from a private physician or dentist. It also requires documentation from a consultant evaluation or laboratory study. The form must be detailed, clear, unambiguous, and concise. It cannot include a diagnosis or follow-up care. The information must be concise and easy to understand.

The act also provides that an officer may be involuntarily delayed from promotion for reasons related to a court-martial, a criminal proceeding, disciplinary actions, or physical or mental health. Any delay in promotion must be accompanied by written notice and an opportunity for a written response. The officer must be given written notice of the reason for the delay. If the delay is permanent, the officer must be given written notification of the decision.

Where Can I Find an AF Form AF Form 4167?

If you are looking to apply for personnel action with the Department of the Army, you will need to file Form 4167. This document can include many requests, including name changes, reassignment, and training. The more information you provide on the form, the faster it will be processed. The form requires your name, social security number, and grade. You should also indicate what kind of action you are seeking. Then, sign it.

When you receive a COMSEC item, the COMSEC manager must verify that it is used only for authorized activities. The COMSEC manager must return or destroy the material if it is not being used. They also must approve any additional copies of the material. Then, they must prepare the appropriate AF Form 4167. This document is used when the material is issued to a transient aircrew or deployed personnel.

AF Form 4167 – Two-Person Control (TPC) Comsec Material Inventory

AF Form 4167 – Two-Person Control (TPC) Comsec Material Inventory is a federal form that is required for the deployment of TPC COMSEC equipment. It is issued by the Air Force and is used throughout the United States. Although there are no separate guidelines for this particular form, it should be filled out in its entirety and filed as soon as possible. To download the form, visit the AF Publications Distribution Office.

This document must be signed by the destruction official. Once destroyed, the destruction official must sign the destruction report. He must verify the destruction machine and the area. The agency is responsible for the COMSEC material issued to it and is responsible for returning or destroying it. COMSEC user agencies must follow the requirements of the form and should sign the document as soon as possible. It must also list all destroyed segments, pages, tables, and other COMSEC material.

AF Form 4167 Example

AF Form 4167

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