AF IMT Form 711b – USAF Mishap Report

AFFORM.NET – AF IMT Form 711b – USAF Mishap Report – Are you unsure of what an Air Force IMT Form 711b is? Are you looking for a mishap report form that is used by the USAF? If so, then read this article to learn more about this form. It covers the basics of what an AF IMT Form 711b is and where you can find one. There are many ways to fill out an AF IMT Form 711b.

Download AF IMT Form 711b – USAF Mishap Report

Form Number AF711B
Form Title USAF Mishap Report
Published 01 Nov 2003
Prescribing Pub DAFMAN91-223
File Size 45.30 KB

What is an Air Force IMT Form 711b?

AF IMT Form 711B is a military form that is used to document mishaps while performing their duties. It should contain pertinent information such as the MISHAP event number, date and location, ZULU time, and organization of vehicle and material involved. If there was more than one vehicle involved in the accident, the report must include the name of both vehicles, organization, command, and unit.

The AFTO 781 series of forms provide a complete overview of aircraft maintenance records and are required when aircraft undergo emergency or periodic maintenance. The form also provides information on the aircraft’s overall condition. It may be used during a post-flight check, a shop home station inspection, or for periodic maintenance. Depending on the aircraft, this form may also be required for emergency maintenance and flight safety.

Where Can I Find an AF IMT Form 711b?

Where Can I Find an AF IMT (Incident Management and Training) Form 711B? This document is used to track the maintenance records of aircraft and is a part of the US Air Force’s Air Force Manual. The AFTO 781 series provides information about aircraft maintenance and condition and includes information on post-flight, shop home station, and periodic, and emergency maintenance. You may need to complete this form if your aircraft has undergone maintenance and you are concerned about flight safety.

A copy of the AF IMT Form 711B can be found in the Air Force’s official magazine. The form contains a metric version, which is 20031101. You can also find an AF IMT Form 711b on a state government website. It is usually found online and is free to download. The metric version is M4*, F5N-4MJ, and contains the date of the aircraft’s accident.

AF IMT Form 711b – USAF Mishap Report

The AF IMT Form 711b identifies the aircraft, property, and material that was involved in a specific MISHAP. These assets and property include vehicles, directed energy systems, and automotive vehicles. Other types of property include ground equipment. The AF IMT 711b also identifies any hazardous conditions that could result in future incidents. The AF IMT Form 711b enables personnel to provide information about accidents and other incidents and assists the commander and supervisor in the investigation of such events.

In addition to the incident number, the AF IMT Form 711b identifies MISHAPs. The report should include the following information: the MISHAP event number, mission design series, serial number, ZULU TIME, organization name and command or unit, and sort code. Whether the AF IMT Form 711b is being used by a civilian or military organization, it should be complete, accurate, and contain as much information as possible.

AF IMT Form 711b Example

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