AF Form 3545A – Incident Report

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 3545A – Incident Report – What is an Air Force Form 3545A? How do I find it? This article will provide you with some useful information about AF IMT Form 3545A – Incident Report. We’ll also explain where to find the form, as well as what to include on it. The Air Force has a special form for this purpose, so make sure to download it as soon as possible. After downloading it, you’ll know exactly where to place it in your incident log.

Download AF Form 3545A – Incident Report

Form Number AF3545A
Form Title Incident Report
Published 03 Nov 2020
Prescribing Pub AFI31-115
File Size 384.94 KB

What is an Air Force Form 3545A ?

An individual can apply for a security clearance if he is a member of the United States Air Force or is a civilian who works for the government. This form must be filled out by the individual to ensure that his records are confidential. He must indicate his year, month, and city of birth. This form is used to verify an individual’s eligibility for Secret security clearance. Other applications for this type of clearance include those for unauthorized access to classified information, medical and security police activities, and child care duties. Lastly, he or she should provide the unit commander’s name, grade, and designation.

The purpose of the form is to identify individuals who are untrustworthy. It is used by the commanders to protect DoD property and places. This is the process for determining who can access restricted areas and who cannot. It is not used to determine whether someone has the appropriate clearance or access for sensitive duties. The form is also used when an individual is denied a security clearance because of a criminal conviction.

AF IMT Form 3545A – Incident Report

If you’ve been involved in an incident, you may be required to complete the AF IMT 3545A – Incidence Report. This form must be filled out as soon as possible after the incident. Upon submission, the report must be sent to the commander for review. It may take several days before you receive your report. If you’ve never filed one before, start by following these instructions.

AF Form 3545A Example

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