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AFFORM.NET – AF Form 3803 – Surface Weather Observations – You may be wondering what the Air Force Form 3803 is and where you can find one. If you are unfamiliar with this form, this article will help you understand its purpose and how it works. This article will also explain what you need to know about AF Form 3803 – Surface Weather Observations. To learn more, read the rest of this article! Also, feel free to share this article with your friends and family! AF Form 3803: What it is and where you can find it!

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Form Number AF3803
Published 01 Aug 2000
Prescribing Pub AFMAN15-111
File Size 62.66 KB

What is an Air Force Form AF Form 3803?

You’ve heard of Air Force Form 3803 and may wonder what it is all about. This legal form was released by the U.S. Air Force IMT on August 1, 2000, and is used countrywide. However, you won’t find separate filing guidelines for this form, so there’s no need to download one separately. Instead, you can fill it out in an online application or download a fillable version. If you are wondering about the document’s specific requirements, this article will help you answer that question.

The Air FORCE (AF) follows INSTRUCTION 36-3803, which addresses accountability in national emergencies and natural disasters. The instruction can be found on the e-Publishing website. It is available to download, has no restrictions on releasability, and replaces Air Force Policy Directive 36-38. While it is intended for commanders, it is still an important document for military service members to understand.

Where Can I Find an AF Form AF Form 3803?

If you are interested in filing a tax return in the U.S., you may want to know where to find an AF Form 3803. The form is a legal document that the Air FORCE IMT released on August 1, 2000, and is used nationwide. The form does not have separate filing guidelines, but you can fill out an online application or download a fillable version to complete. The document can be viewed or downloaded here.

The AF Form 3803 is used to record weather observations for a station, SPECI observations, local observations, and climatological studies. The form also records aircraft accident investigations. It requires the recording and encoding of surface weather observations chronologically, with a specific remark that specifies the date and time of the observation. For more information on this form, see AFMAN 15-111.

AF Form 3803 – Surface Weather Observations

The AF Form 3803 is used for the recording of surface weather observations for a specific station or a single location. It is a federal meteorological form and is used for both permanent-type and non-fixed weather observing stations. The form should be completed and forwarded to the AFCCC or QAE monthly, based on LST. The information must be legible and recorded in chronological order.

The objective of surface weather observations is to evaluate or describe the state of the atmosphere at a specific location. The information collected in this form is classified according to its purpose. Unofficial weather reports are not considered as AF Form 3803 and are not transmitted through the worldwide network. These reports are made by individuals not qualified to take official weather observations. However, unofficial weather reports should be reported if they are collected by a member of the public, such as a member of the media.

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