AF Form 1067 – Modification Proposal

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 1067 – Modification Proposal – If you have ever been faced with an AF Form 1067 modification proposal, you may be wondering what it entails and where you can find it. To help you make the right decision, we’ve compiled a list of important things to remember before you file your modification proposal. Read on to learn more! Here are some of the most common modifications you may face. The Lead Command is the one who will decide whether to retain a capability.

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Form Number AF1067
Published 01 Nov 1999
Prescribing Pub AFI63-101_20-101
File Size 45.04 KB

What is an Air Force Form 1067 ?

If you’re planning to fly a military aircraft, you’ve probably heard of Air Force Form 1067. This legal document documents modifications made to aircraft for testing and other purposes. It also serves as a document for obtaining lead command approval for modifications under $50 million. While the form is not used to document incremental weather support capability requirements, it does have some practical use. Here’s why:

A duty limiting condition report conveys the commander with information about health, safety, and mission risks. It will be processed in accordance with Air Force Instruction 10243 Fitness Program. If a member has an exercise prescription, the provider will use Air Force Form 422, Physical Profile Serial Report. This form documents exercise program evaluations, fitness prescription instructions, and fitness testing exemption recommendations. Ultimately, it is used to obtain clearance for unrestricted participation in physical activity and fitness.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 1067 ?

You’ve probably wondered, where can I find an AF Form 1067? The form is part of the Air Force’s paperwork and has been in use since November 1, 1999. Unlike some other forms, this one doesn’t have separate filing guidelines. You can use an online filing application or download a fillable PDF form. For more information, visit the Air Force’s website. There, you can find more information on the form.

The Air Force uses AF Form 1067 to document changes to fielded equipment. This document documents the temporary configuration of an item for short-term operational mission accomplishment, or to test and evaluate new equipment. Afterward, the AF Form 1067 is discarded. In addition to defining operational capability requirements, it’s also used to record changes made to fielded Air Force systems. To get started, simply search online for an AF Form 1067.

AF Form 1067 – Modification Proposal

An AF Form 1067 is used to submit a Modification Proposal for the modification of a fielded item. It specifies the changes required to achieve a short-term operational mission or support testing of new equipment. It is routed through a functional chain of command. These modifications must conform to previously approved requirements and provide configuration control. The Air FORce uses AF Form 1067 to document the requirements and capabilities of fielded items.

A DOC STATEMENT is a document that defines a unit’s wartime mission. This statement outlines the resources required to perform that mission. A SORTS analysis compares the available resources to the DOC statement and reports the results. An AF Form 1067 is a document that documents the modification requirements for a fielded Air Force system. The purpose of the AF Form 1067 is to support a program manager and to ensure that the Air Force receives only the most advanced capabilities.

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