AF Form 1137 – Unfavorable Information File Summary

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 1137 – Unfavorable Information File Summary – You might be wondering: What is an AF Form 1137? And if so, where can I find one? Thankfully, there are many resources online to help you fill out your Air Force Form 1137, or Unfavorable Information File Summar. This article will give you the basics of this form and how to find it. You’ll also be able to download and send it electronically. So, get started!

Download AF Form 1137 – Unfavorable Information File Summary

Form Number AF1137
Published 10 Apr 2012
Prescribing Pub DAFI36-2907
File Size 2.16 MBs

What is an Air Force Form 1137?

What is Air Force Form 1137? is a federal tax form used by service members? It can be completed online or downloaded. While the original form is in the if, the new version is used in the entire country. Unlike other tax forms, this one does not have specific filing guidelines. Instead, you can use the application provided online and complete it as quickly and accurately as possible. You can also download the fillable form to get started.

An enlisted person’s SRB is calculated by multiplying his monthly base pay by the number of years he has been in the service. There are a number of factors to consider when determining the amount of SRB. A reenlisted service member can receive as much as $90,000 per year, whereas a non-reenlisted service member is entitled to only a certain amount.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 1137?

When it comes to filing your taxes, you will need to fill out an AF form 1137 if you are a member of the armed forces. This form is used for both enlisted and reserve members of the air force. You can fill it out online if you prefer. You can also download a fillable version. Once you have downloaded the form, you can complete it at any time.

In the Air FORCE, the UIF is a record of unfavorable information about a service member. It documents all types of censure, including judicial and administrative. The UIF contains mandatory and optional documents, such as the AF Form 1137. The Deputy Chief of Staff develops the personnel policy regarding the UIF. If you find yourself in need of an AF Form 1137, you may need to contact your superiors.

AF Form 1137 – Unfavorable Information File Summary

AF Form 1137 – Unfavourable Information File Summarization is a required file that you must fill out if you wish to have your disciplinary record reviewed by an Air Force supervisor. The file must be scanned and is part of Air Force Instruction 36-2907. This form is a must for all Air Force officers. AF Form 1137 must be filed within 30 days of the information. If a time gap of 30 days or more is recorded, the reason must be included in the remarks section.

The Air Force’s Unfavorable Information File (UIF) is an official record of all administrative, judicial and non-judicial censures and other adverse actions that may affect the unit. The UIF is made up of mandatory and optional documents, including AF Form 1058 and AF Form 1137. The UIF monitor is appointed by the superintendent/director of FORCE Support Squadrons.

AF Form 1137 Example

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