AF IMT Form 2518 – Deployment Packing List

AFFORM.NET – AF IMT Form 2518 – Deployment Packing List – AF IMT Form 2518 is a deployment packing list for the Air Force. It is a must-have document for military personnel. There are several ways to obtain an AF IMT form. These include filling out the form online, visiting a military branch’s website, or contacting your local Air Force headquarters. Using a DDD can streamline your workflow and improve document management. You can use the Fill camp and Sign Online button or a preview image to access and edit the form. Signers enter their official identification and contact details, double-checking any fields that are not filled out.

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Form Number AF2518
Published 01 Mar 1985
Prescribing Pub AFI10-403
File Size 30.74 KB

What is an Air Force IMT Form 2518?

AF IMT Form 2518 is a legal form used by the U.S. Air Force IMT and released on March 1, 1985. There are no filing guidelines specific to this form, and it is available in a fillable format online or as a printable form. Both applications are provided by the U.S. Air Force IMT.

AF IMT Form 2518 – Deployment Packing List

The AF IMT Form 2518 – the Deployment Packing List – is a checklist for Airmen on deployment. The list includes items that are necessary for deployments, such as clothing, food, medical supplies, and more. The checklist also provides information about the Airman’s ULN, M/S, and tenant units. Airmen’s names and ULNs are listed on the form, along with their RDDs and SSNs. The form also includes information on their RDRC, local RDRC, and tenant units.

The deployment checklist is used to keep personnel organized. The AF IMT Form 2518 is an essential piece of documentation in the deployment planning process. Deployments require careful planning, and every AF member needs to be properly prepared. These checklists can help an Air Force member stay organized while on deployment.

AF IMT Form 2518 Example

AF IMT Form 2518

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