AF IMT Form 1314 – Firearms Registration

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Download AF IMT Form 1314 – Firearms Registration

Form Number AF1314
Form Title Firearms Registration
Published 06 Oct 2020
Prescribing Pub DAFI31-101
File Size 32.58 KB

What is an Air Force Form 1314 ?

The Air Force Form 1314 is an official legal form. This form is being released by the U.S. Air Force IMT on October 6, 2020, and will be used nationwide. There are no separate filing guidelines for this form, so you can fill it out online. If you are unsure of how to fill it out, you can download a fillable version. You can download this form from the U.S. Air Force IMT website.

This form is also known as the Department of Defense Form 2760 and is required by the Air Force for the possession of ammunition. You must fill out the form with the necessary information and sign in the appropriate spots. It is also important to complete this form each year and update it as necessary. Alternatively, you can use a service like signnow to complete the document. This service allows you to fill out documents online and has a variety of useful features.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 1314 ?

You may be wondering why you need to fill out a legal document, such as AF Form 1314. The purpose of the form is to report the existence of privately owned firearms. In the U.S. Air Force, private weapons are subject to strict rules and regulations regarding their storage, transportation, and registration. These rules are based on JBER Instruction 31-107. Your commander assigns you a POW monitor/armorer, whose role is to ensure that all weapons owned by assigned troops living on a base are in compliance with the rules and regulations. When filling out the form, you must check whether the check mark indicates “yes” or “no” to each item.

If you’re a member of the Air Force, you must complete an AF Form 1314 and sign a Statement of Understanding for Possession of Firearms (POF) to be able to carry a firearm on installation. Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, and DoD civilians must submit AF Form 1314 to the unit commander. You must also present your AF Form 1314 to the Security Forces Pass and Registration office.

AF IMT Form 1314 – Firearms Registration

The AF IMT Form 1314 – a legal application for firearm registration – is an online form that is used throughout the United States. It is also a federal document, so it must meet certain security criteria. Once completed, the AF IMT Form 1314 should be submitted to the Air Force’s Firearms Registration Office. During the registration process, the signer must provide identification details and their official contact information. Check marks indicate the choice of the signer.

Once the AF IMT Form 1314 is submitted, the owner must have the signature of the unit commander. He or she can do this by filling out a sample form or using the internet to complete the form. The original copy of the form will be kept in the unit commander’s orderly room, and the final version must be delivered to the armory of the 9th security forces squadron.

AF IMT Form 1314 Example

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