AF Form 422 – Notification Of Air Force Member’s Qualification Status

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 422 – Notification Of Air Force Member’s Qualification Status – If you’ve ever wondered What Is an Air Force Form 422, you are not alone. This article explains exactly what AF Form 422 is, as well as its purpose. Read on to learn more about AF Form 422 – Notification Of Air Force Member’s Q. It will help you determine if this form is appropriate for your patient. If you need a form completed in an urgent situation, you should contact your unit’s physician.

Download AF Form 422 – Notification Of Air Force Member’s Qualification Status

Form Number AF422
Published 31 Jan 2020
Prescribing Pub AFI48-133
File Size 1.89 MB

Note: The ancient air force form 422, which we have included above, is a good example of this. The OPR has limited access to the most recent version of the form. To get a copy of this form, first, check WMS for availability; if you are still unable to obtain a copy, please contact the OPR for assistance.

What is an Air Force Form 422

The AF Form 422 is an official document that must be filed by enlisted members who are active-duty Air Force personnel. It documents a patient’s current medical condition and provides detail to a commander or personnel system specialist. The information provided in this document must be accurate, timely, and written in plain language to be understood by non-medical leadership. However, a physician may not be able to report a diagnosis or follow-up care on the form.

When an Air Force enlisted member wants to apply for officer training school, he or she needs to obtain an AF Form 422, Notification of Air Force Member’s Qualification Status. The mandatory eligibility statement is included in the AF Form 422. The Board of Officer Training School evaluates every application for selection. They look at both objective and subjective factors and choose the candidates based on a combination of these factors.

What is the Purpose of AF Form 422

AF Form 422 Notification of Air Force Member’s Qualification Status is a document that details physical limitations and recommended restrictions on duty and mobility of service members. The document is maintained by the Air Force Personnel Center. AFPC also oversees the RILO process. RILO stands for Review In Lieu of Medical Evaluation Board. The form is completed by an exercise physiologist.

The purpose of AF Form 422 is to communicate pertinent medical information to the commander and the personnel systems specialists. The form must be accurate, concise, unambiguous, and convey sufficient detail to command authorities. It also must be written in a simple language that non-medical leaders can understand. It cannot include a diagnosis or any follow-up care. If the member is unsure about whether he or she needs to take the physical training test, the commander must be notified.

AF Form 422 – Notification Of Air Force Member’s Qualification Status

The AF Form 422 is an eligibility statement issued to active duty members. To be considered, a field member must possess a wing CC and the necessary medical documentation. This documentation should include letters from a private physician or dentist. Medical documents should also include documentation of studies that may have affected the member’s medical condition. These documents must be made available to the commander and personnel system specialists. The AF 422 must contain information that is accurate, concise, unambiguous, and written in terms that non-medical leadership can understand. Lastly, it must state any limitations a field member may have in his or her capacity to perform his or her assigned duties.

Applicants must contact the appropriate system manager for their wing or division. The subordinate system manager is located at a major command, AFMPC, or NPRC. If the service member is unable to complete the MEB, the system manager will provide counsel to the member and his or her next of kin. A medical board report coordinator will also be able to complete the AF Form 618, and Medical Board Report, and assemble all attachments.

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AF Form 422

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