AF Form 286 – Personnel Reliability Program (Prp) Qualification/Certification Action

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 286 – Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) Qualification/Certification Action – If you’re wondering, “What is an Air Force Form 286?” and “Where can I find an AF Form 286, I’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started.” This article will provide you with the answers to your questions about AF Form 286 – the Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) documentation form. We’ll start by answering the first question: Where can I find an AF Form 286?

Download AF Form 286 – Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) Qualification/Certification Action

Form Number AF286
Published 09 Jun 2015
Prescribing Pub DoDM5210.42_AFMAN13-501
File Size 40.55 KB

What is an Air Force Form 286 ?

Before filling out the form, you should be familiar with the basic information that will be contained on it. The AF Form 286 includes three sections, one for the pre-screening process and one for the PRP questionnaire. The AF Form 286 must be signed by the MTF CMA, who has reviewed the cadet’s personal file. The cadet’s signature is needed to ensure that the information in the form is genuine.

In addition to the AF Form 286, there are other forms that must be filled out for the first time. The DD Form 448 and the AF Form 9 are both intended to provide the financial service office with enough information for contracting and purchase. The AF Form 406 and AF Form 616 are also used as fund citation authorizations. They are important documents for the service member’s new assignment.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 286 ?

If you have questions regarding AF Form 286, here are some helpful hints. Before you contact the Forms Management Office, you should know where to find this document. The AF Form 286 is a vital document, indicating the current PRP status of an individual. If you are unsure of which version you have, check the links in the table below. If you do not see the link, you will need to check your unit’s website to obtain a copy.

The AF Form 286 is needed if you are a member of the Air Force’s Personnel Reliability Program. It documents any potentially disqualifying information about a person. It also includes their military rank and branch. The date field is auto-populated by the digital signature. Moreover, this form includes disposition instructions, which are located in DoDM5210.42_AFMAN13-501 and PRP PSD guide.

AF Form 286 – Personnel Reliability Program (Prp) Qualification/Certification Action

The Air Force uses Form 286 – Personnel Reliability Program to evaluate the reliability of service members. This document is not used for temporary decertification. AF Form 286A is used when an individual has been decertified for thirty days or more. The decertification can be temporary or permanent. It is important to keep the details of your decertification in writing.

The AF Form 286 is filled out by cadets and the commander of the unit or installation they are joining. The PRP monitor then sends this form to the AFPC/DPIS for processing. Once the EAD order is generated, the commander will forward this document to the gaining unit or installation. The gaining unit’s PRP monitor will discuss this document with the detachment commander and make a decision about the cadet’s eligibility.

AF Form 286 Example

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