AF Form 709 – Promotion Recommendation

AFFORM.NET – AF Form 709 – Promotion Recommendation – If you’re looking for a copy of an Air Force Form 709, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover the information you need to know to make your own recommendation. Listed below are some tips to help you create a successful recommendation. To get started, download a sample form and read through it carefully before starting. Then, fill out the information for each section. It’s important to follow the formatting instructions exactly, otherwise, you’ll end up with a form that doesn’t make any sense.

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Form Number AF709
Published 21 May 2021
Prescribing Pub DAFI36-2406
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What is an Air Force Form 709 ?

An electronic signature can be added to the top right of the AF Form 709 in place of a traditional pen and paper. You can draw, type, or capture an electronic signature. Make sure that you fill in all of the required fields before saving or sending your completed form. If you have extra space to add a signature, you can use an AF Form 77 and include it in the evaluations section. You can print, save, and share the form using any of the methods described above.

During promotion, your senior rater will complete your PRF, which is also known as the Promotion Recommendation Form. It is the single most important document in your selection folder. Although it is not permanent, the AFPC keeps a copy of the form on microfiche in case you need to refer to it later. Regardless of whether your PRF is a positive or negative, it is a key document in the selection process.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 709 ?

If you have recently received a promotion letter in the mail, you will likely be wondering where to find an AF Form 709. This document is the Promotion Recommendation Form (PRF), used to assess officer performance potential and communicate the senior rater’s recommendation to the Central Selection Board. Although this document is a temporary part of the ratee’s record, it is one of the most important documents in the selection folder.

The duty title section of the form requires information from the rater about the ratee’s position within the unit, including nature of job responsibilities. The duty title must match the OPR RIP, and if it is not, the rater should correct it in MilPDS. If the duty title is incorrect, the rater’s printout will be accepted as the new duty title. Incorrect duty titles will be returned to the rater for correction. The duty title must be commensurate with the ratee’s rank, AFSC, and responsibility.

AF Form 709 – Promotion Recommendation

A PRF, also known as an Officer Performance Recommendation, is an official document used to evaluate an officer’s potential for promotion. It serves as a communication device between a senior rater and the Central Selection Board. Although the promotion recommendation is not a permanent part of the ratee’s file, it is stored on microfiche at AFPC for review. The PRF should include detailed information pertaining to the officer’s qualifications and accomplishments throughout his or her career.

An evaluation should be based on the following criteria. The rater must identify the ratee’s name, branch of service, organization, command, location, duty title, and SSN. The rater must indicate whether they concur with the recommendation or not, and they must enter their comments if the two raters disagree. The ratee should acknowledge the feedback provided by the rater and any subsequent evaluators.

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AF Form 709

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