AF IMT Form 1001 – Award Recommendation Transmittal

AFFORM.NET – AF IMT Form 1001 – Award Recommendation Transmittal – You might be wondering “What is an AF IMT Form 1001?” or “Where Can I Find an AF IMT ‘Award Recommendation Transmitta’?” This article will help you answer these questions and much more. You will also discover where you can find a free fillable version of AF IMT Form 1001! Here’s a quick guide! Listed below are some of the most common forms used by the United States Air Force.

Download AF IMT Form 1001 – Award Recommendation Transmittal

Form Number AF1001
Published 01 Dec 1996
Prescribing Pub AFI34-301
File Size 31.15 KB

What is an Air Force Form 1001 ?

The Air Force IMT released a new form for use in the United States on December 1, 1996. It has since become a legal document that is used countrywide and doesn’t have separate filing guidelines. This form can be filled out in an online filing application or downloaded in a fillable PDF format. To get started, download the free fillable PDF template and get started. There are a variety of benefits to signNow, and you can even download it as a fillable PDF to save even more time.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 1001 ?

Where to find an AF IMT Form 1001? It’s a common question for all military personnel. This legal form was released by the U.S. Air Force IMT on December 1, 1996, and is used across the country. There are no specific filing guidelines for this form, but it can be filled out online with an application or downloaded as a fillable PDF file. It is a requirement of the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute and must be posted at work for 60 consecutive days. It must be clearly visible and not altered, defaced, or covered.

AF IMT Form 1001 Example

AF IMT Form 1001

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