AF Form 1274 – Physiological Training

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Form Number AF1274
Published 19 Nov 2020
Prescribing Pub AFMAN11-403
File Size 1.15 MB

What is an Air Force Form 1274?

If you’re wondering what is Air Force Form 1274, read on. It’s a document that is required by the United States Air Force. The form is used to document an individual’s training. Those who want to become high-altitude parachutists should go through AP training. The program should comply with US Army and US Navy directives, but should not be used as a screening tool. Initial students must take written tests. Students who score lower than 80 percent must retake the test. After the retest, an AOP officer will certify that the training has been successful.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 1274?

The AF Form 1274 is a type of military employment application used by armed forces and is also known as the altitude chamber card. The form is a permanent document in the medical record and is carried in a wallet card. Prior editions are obsolete and can no longer be used. However, it is possible to find an older version of this form online. If you need to use a form, you can check the Air Force website.

AF Form 1274 – Physiological Training

In order to obtain an air force physiological training card, you must complete a physiology training program. This training program is for active duty personnel on flying status and certain aircraft passengers, as well as the personnel responsible for conducting research chamber activities. These training programs follow standards such as NATO STANAG 3114 and 374, Air Standard 61/101/3, and 61/117/1. To obtain a physiology training card, you must complete a school within two years after you pass your physical. You must maintain your haps card through periodic physicals.

Upon completion of aerospace physiological training, you must report it to your superiors. Your training must be renewed within three months of departure. You must keep copies of your medical records, chamber card, and AF form 1274. In addition, you must have copies of your orders, DA Form 2A/2-1, and AF Form 1274. These are all required for the in-processing process.

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AF Form 1274

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