AF Form 303 – Request for USAF Specialized Sports Training

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Download AF Form 303 – Request for USAF Specialized Sports Training

Form Number AF303
Form Title Request for USAF Specialized Sports Training
Published 24 Mar 2006
Prescribing Pub AFI34-266
File Size 27.40 KB

What is an Air Force Form 303?

Do you know what Air Force Form 303 is? This military form is used to document official contact information. It is typically used to request a visa or to apply for a job. It requires a signed document that identifies the person signing. In some cases, the form is also used to verify the person’s identity or to obtain a work permit. You can use an AF form 303 template to streamline your document workflow.

Active duty members of the USAF can participate in the shooting sports. To apply, you must fill out a form called the Air Force Form 303. You can get this form from any base fitness center. The form may also be filled out online or downloaded as a fillable form. Interested parties can also contact current members of the team. The current classification is preferred, but not required. You can also visit the AFSVA website for more information.

Where Can I Find an AF Form 303?

If you are interested in participating in shooting sports, you can submit an AF Form 303 and request consideration for a team. To find out more, you should visit the website of the AFSVA Shooting Sports Association. The website also has a list of current team members and information about the shooting sports. Besides the AF Form 303, you should be sure to contact any current team member for information.

An AF Form 303 template allows you to streamline document workflow. A web-based DDD simplifies document management and workflow. Using an editable PDF template, signers enter official contact information and identify themselves by checking or unchecking answers. Once you’ve entered the information, the form will be ready to be submitted for signature. It’s as simple as that! Once completed, you can save and print it for your records.

AF Form 303 – Request for USAF Specialized Sports Training

The U.S. Air Force has recently released an application that will allow you to participate in specialized sports. The application can be filled out online or downloaded as a fillable form. If you are interested in participating in a specialized sports team, you will need to complete a detailed profile of your background and goals, as well as a copy of your military records. You will need to submit the form electronically through a sports application tracking system, such as APPTRAC so that you can see your eligibility.

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