DAF Form 780 – Officer Separation Actions

AFFORM.NET – DAF Form 780 – Officer Separation Actions – If you are an officer, you will need to file a form with the Department of Defense every year to report officer separation actions. You can fill out the form by hand or electronically. Either way, it’s important to follow all instructions carefully. If you’re not sure where to find the form, read this article to get started.

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Published 24 Jun 2022
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What is a DAF Form 780?

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Where Can I Find a DAF Form 780?

If you are interested in filing a Form 780, you have many options. You can either complete it on paper or online. If you have an online connection, you can also complete it by hand. Once you’ve completed your form, you can send it to the military to get processed.

DAF Form 780 – Officer Separation Actions

If you are concerned that you may have been unfairly discharged, you can appeal to the appropriate board. This board, also known as the Board for Correction of Military Records, has the authority to upgrade or correct errors in your military record. Military Justice Associates has successfully represented officers in these cases.

The officer may request a board hearing if the separation authority determines that he is not worthy of a promotion or is facing involuntary separation. The separation authority will review the case and take final action depending on the board’s recommendation. The separation authority may disapprove of the separation recommendation or may direct the officer to stay in the military. However, the separation authority cannot issue a discharge characterization less favorable than that recommended by the board.

DAF Form 780 Example

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